anigifWelcome to our new conception of disease management process by Homeopathy and Magnetic-therapy, a combination treatment. Today we are living in the age of complication. That is complication of life style, complication of social and economical functionality, complication of mentality, complication of relation in all respect, complication of diseases as well as complication of treatments and so on. Complication of diseases is a vast problem to solve for our physicians. It has been observed that no single pathy can overcome all of the diseases. So, it has taken in consideration of taking some co-pathy or co- therapy may be more effective than the use of a single system of treatment.

Homeopathy is a most well-known and effective process of treatments since the past years. Magnet- therapy (or, Magnetic-therapy) is also another well established process of treatment in the world of alternative medicine. But the use of the both Homeopathy and Magnetic-therapy simultaneously we can get excellent result for approximately all kind of diseases. That we have named homeo-magnet treatment.

Homeopathy is a treatment process invented by the great physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and in this system of medicine the treatment is given to an individual patient with highly diluted substance. The aim of the Homeopathic treatment is generating the body’s natural system of healing. Every human body has been designed so wonderfully which is beyond of our imagination. Every human body have some immunity power to fight against the diseases and the homeopathic medicine use those power of fighting against the ailment by small doses of diluted substances as a remedy. So there does not occur any chemical reaction in the human body with the homeopathic remedy applied for its cure, otherwise the body gain the fighting power against the disease and automatically gain the natural cure.

Magnet + Homeopathy

Magnet + Homeopathy

On the same way the Magnetic therapy is also a process of treatment to gain or regain the natural power in the human body to fight against the diseases. Science has already proved the relationship between human body and magnets. This therapy of magnetic healing has an aim to correct the imbalanced polarity of the human body due to any ailment. It also not administrate any chemical medicine for treatment but only applied magnets externally.

So, as like as homeopathy it has also no negative side effect due to its natural process of curative. So it can be said that the Homeopathy and Magnetic-therapy has the same motto of healing by nature. If we take the help of the both type of treatment to overcome a disease we can have very good positive effect.

It is very essential to have some knowledge of human anatomy and physiology for the treatment of magnet-therapy as well as homeo-magnet treatment. In this site we are going to discuss the different matter related the above Homeopathy and Magnet/Magnetic- therapy and the combination treatment as well as the process of the treatment. And we are also going to add some interesting feature related to human body and its function which may help to the common people as well as medical students.

We shall also share some of our experiences about such treatment. And also we shall invite to share their experiences from the physician and practitioner on the different countries of the world on such treatment. But it should be taken in mind that the treatment should be done under the supervision of experience physician. Common people should not use our website for self medication and it may be harmful for one’s health. Our site is only to get some idea of the treatment process with the help of the combination of homeopathy and magnetic-therapy.


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