Acupuncture and Magnet-therapy

In this page we are going to discuss about the relation of acupuncture and magnet-therapy and as well as the use of magnet at acupuncture points.
A well-known treatment process and specially known as Chinese treatment process is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an allied science and art of healing which is based on the principle of flow of the vital energy to various organs of the body with periodic polarity alteration. Any disturbance in this vital force can relate to a state top disease which can be restored to normalcy by the use of fine needles at particular points. It may be noted that Arco means needle, and puncture means penetrate. In Chinese medical science acupuncture plays a great role to cure the patients radically. But not only in China, is the acupuncture treatment process also now well-known to the whole world.

As acupuncture and magnet-therapy are closely related, here we shall get some idea about the system of acupuncture. An acupuncture point lies on the body surface and has to be punctured, heated or pressed to really cure the disease symptoms. The points the part in properties and those with similar properties have been connected together with an imaginary string or channel called a meridian like a necklace of pearls of the same type. The human body has thus been divided into 14 meridians – out of which 12 are paired meridians and to art single meridians. The paired meridians are named after the internal organs like lung, small intestine, gallbladder, kidney, etc, to which they are connected. The two unpaired meridians are called Conceptional Vessel or CV and Governing Vessel or GV. In addition, there is a paired meridian, namely, triple warmer which is based on the philosophy of three binding cavities in the body and is not connected to a particular organ. There are also starting extra points in the body as per acupuncture theory which cannot be formed into a definite meridian. The vital energy also called “chi” in Chinese flows through these vital channels in an orderly manner.
Now we shall have some idea about the acupuncture points as we are going to discuss the relation between acupuncture and magnet- therapy.

Some Acupuncture Points for Magnet-therapy

Some Acupuncture Points for Magnet-therapy

As per Chinese acupuncture theory each meridian is an electromagnetic field and each acupuncture point a magnetic unit. The vital energy passes through each meridian, say lung meridian, in a circuit, starts from the concerned organ, flows through the rest of the organs connected by the meridian and goes back to the lung. As part the acupuncture theory, all acupuncture points on a particular meridian are given a specific number. For instance, the point on the gallbladder (GB) meridian is numbered as GB 1, GB 2, GB 3 and so on. The abbreviations hot different meridians are such as St stands for the stomach, Lu stands for the lung, LI stands for the large intestine, Sp stands for the spleen, H stands for the heart, SI stands for small intestine, UB stands for urinary bladder, K stands for Kidney, P stands for pericardium, GB stands for gallbladder, TW stands for triple warmer, Liv stands for liver, CP stands for conceptional vessel and GV stands for governing vessel.

An experience acupuncturist decides on the number and types of acupuncture points to be needled in any disease and prepares a needling formula for an individual.
Treatment with magnates in acupuncture points .
A magnet therapist should have some knowledge about acupuncture and magnet-therapy co- relationship and how to use puncture points for magnetic therapy.

The meridians are electromagnetic fields and each acupuncture point is an electromagnetic unit. Extending this presumption further it has been found expedient to apply magnates one or two key acupuncture points in different diseases. The mode of application is the same as normally used in other diseases, that is, if only one point is to be magnetised, then only the South pole should be used. In case of two points are used, then the general rules of the poll sides, duration, time, etc, as discussed in that chapter of general application of magnates should be applied. Hence, while suggesting the methods of application in different diseases according to the general or local application as the case may be, the uses of specific acupuncture points have also been suggested. One advantage with the use of magnates on the acupuncture points is that APV Xian has not struggle hard to precisely locate than acupuncture point, as a magnate, hurts a bigger area can easily accommodate the point. So a magnet therapist who has some knowledge on acupuncture also can treat a patient better. Almost all the common diseases which are amenable to that treatment by magnates the use of acupuncture points may be seen quite necessary.

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