What is acute Bronchitis?

Acute inflammation of bronchial tree caused by various organisms that is bacteria or viruses is called acute bronchitis.

What is chronic bronchitis?

Chronic bronchitis may be defined as a disease characterised by cough and sputum for at least three consecutive months in a year for more than successive years.
At first we are going to discuss about acute bronchitis.

Causes of acute bronchitis: –

i) Predisposing factors: – foggy and dusty atmosphere, cold and damp surrounding, chronic breathing by mouth and smoking are the predisposing factors of acute bronchitis.
ii) Predisposing diseases: – whooping cough, common cold, measles, influenza etc. causative organisms may causes the acute bronchitis.

What are the clinical features of acute bronchitis?


Respiratory Tract

Respiratory Tract

Most notable clinical features of acute bronchitis are: –
i) Irritating cough without expectoration.
ii) Mucoid or Mucopurulent sputum.
iii) There may have fever but the fever is not a constant feature and dyspnoea may develop when there is pre-existent chronic bronchitis or heart disease.

What are the signs of acute bronchitis?

Vesicular breath sound, sonorous rhonchi and diffuse crepitations are present over both long fields may observe on examination of the chest of the patient.

Homeo magnetic treatment of acute bronchitis: –

With the study of proper symptoms the homoeopathic medicine will give best results in the treatment of acute bronchitis. We hear by giving some therapeutic hints which may be helpful to you:
i) in healthy person; due to sudden exposure to dry cold are, anxiety and chilly feeling with high fever; fear and restlessness: may use Acionite.
ii) Redness of eyes, face also shiny red, high fever; respiration is short, Rapid and difficult; dry cough and hoarseness ; skin is hot and dry but moist on covered part of the body : May use Belladona.
iii) Dry cough which hurts the head with figure; thirst excessive for large quantities of cold water at long intervals; patient feels worse during movements: use Bryonia.
iv) When the patient is very weak with high fever: Ferrum phos may work.
v) In the second stage of acute bronchitis, when cough begins to loosen; complaints worse, cold even uncovering of body parts; coughing chokes: Hepar Sulph. is very useful.
vi) Wheezing; rattling chest, lose cough, but no phlegm comes out even after prolonged coughing; tongue is whitish and coated: Antimonium tart. may be given.
vii) In the third stage of acute bronchitis when mucus becomes yellow, patient feels better in open air and loss of thirst: use Pulsatilla.

But those are not all. According to symptoms many more remedies may be useful and an experience practitioner may suggest better.
Magnetic therapy would be done with the administration of homoeopathic medicine. The magnetic treatment of acute bronchitis to be started with five minutes daily under both palm 0f the hands and time to be increased gradually up to ten minutes. Magnetised water will give better result. Half cup of mixture of both-pole water should be given in six hour interval. The application of crescent type of ceramic magnets is beneficial for the troubles of nose and throat. Magnetic necklace may be worn around the neck touching upper part of the chest may give excellent result.

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