Chronic Bronchitis


Causes of Chronic Bronchitis: –

Some major causes of chronic bronchitis are as follow: –
i) smoking: due to smoking it causes bronchoconstriction, sluggish ciliary movement, increases airway resistance, hypertrophy of the mucus glands, increased number of goblet cells and hyper secretion of mucus.
ii) Pollution of the atmosphere: industrial and domestic smoke as well as sulphur dioxide is the main causes of air pollution. This type of pollution is very much responsible for chronic bronchial irritation and increased resistance to the airflow.
iii) Infection: infection appears that once it develops chronic irritation is maintained and progresses to emphysema. The main organisms are Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneuminiae.
iv) Occupational causes: industrial workers and coalminers are often exposed to dust and fumes which is irritating the bronchial tree.
v) Familial and genetic abnormalities associated with alpha-antitripsin deficiency may be present.

What are types of chronic bronchitis?

i) Simple chronic bronchitis: in this case sputum is mucoid.
ii) Chronic recurrent mucopurulent bronchitis: here the mucopurulent sputum present in absence of localised suppurative disease.
iii) Chronic obstructive bronchitis: in this case airway obstruction is dominant.
iv) Chronic asthmatic bronchitis: this is the case of long continued cough and sputum with late onset of wheeze.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis: –


Normal and  Bronchitis Lung

Normal and Bronchitis Lung

Cough with the expectoration usually starts as attacks of winter cough and smokers Cough, gradually increasing in severity and duration. Mucoid or mucopurulent expectoration is depending on the presence of infection. Sometimes there may be haemoptysis. Acute respiratory infection from time to time is giving rise to fever, aggregation of cough and sputum with purulent character of the later. Shortness of breath due to airway obstruction, bronchiolar spasm and long-standing cases due to development of emphysema may also observe.

Signs of chronic bronchitis: –

In the early stage definite physical signs are not always noticeable. By general survey it has been observed that the patient is stocky build, respiration rate is hurried, and Central cyanosis may be present. Dilated superficial veins are present with warm periphery. Suffused conjunctivae raised temperature may be present. Accessory muscles of respiration are prominent and patient may prefer to stoop forward during respiratory distress. Chest may show no sign on examination or they are may be prolonged expiration wheat transient rhonchi and scattered rales clearing with cough. In the advanced stages features of the emphysema may develop.

Homeo magnetic treatment of chronic bronchitis: –

Homoeopathically bronchitis may be treated well by noted down all the symptoms of the patient and taking the history correctly. By taking totality of the symptom that treatment may be done accurately and patient will get great recovery. We may here write down a few therapeutic hints.
i) Wheezing and oppression in the chest; breathing stops when falling asleep; wakes up with the start and gasps for breath; must sit up to breathe; cannot breath when lying down: use the homoeopathic medicine Grindelia.
ii) Chronic bronchitis with pain in distant parts of the body on coughing: Capsicum is the remedy.
iii) Cough worse after midnight; dry and painful which makes the patient to hold chest; worse on talking: give Drosera.
iv) Cough with soreness in chest; better in drinking cold water; involuntary escape of urine: in this case Causticum works well.
v) Extreme restlessness with prostration; thirst for small quantities of water at small intervals; cough is dry worse after drinking; chilly patient: Arsenic alb. is a great remedy.
Many more remedies such as Antim ars., Antim iod., Carbo veg, Naptha, etc. may be applied at chronic bronchitis according to symptoms. Additionally magnetic therapy should be done. Use of magnet is same as stated in the case of acute bronchitis.

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