Chronic Disease

As per homeopathic theory there have three types of chronic disease. Let us have some discussion here.

Artificial Chronic Disease

These types of diseases are ever increasing in number. Artificial chronic diseases are maladies resulting from prolonged and excessive use of unsuitable therapeutic agents that suppresses the superficiality symptoms of a disease without removing the disease process as a whole.

During the treatment of any chronic disease or any acute disease such as chickenpox, smallpox, cholera, measles, et cetera specially during epidemic period breaks out, if the media scene of honey disease should be stopped and new will selected medicine for the acute stage is to be applied; after the recovery from acute disease treatment is again to be started for the chronic disease. The treatment with that the similar medicine suspends the natural diseases. The suspended disease reappears after the action of medicine is gone over.

Pseudo chronic disease

Due to the maintaining factors prolongation of the suffering which can be avoided results in formation of pseudo chronic diseases. The diseases which develop due to the continuous exposure to the avoidable toxic factors are termed as the pseudo chronic diseases. In order to protect the vital organs and the harmony of life deep vital force produces to symptoms.

The toxic avoidable factors are as follows. All these following factors affect the mental strength, weaken the nerves and the physical functions: –

i) Habit of taking substances which results addiction such as wine, rum, bhang, beer, tobacco, opium and even excessive coffee and tea.
ii) Malnourishment due to insufficient diet.
iii) Over eating or irregular eating that is changeable food habits.
iv) Habitual use of drugs or tranquillisers for sleeplessness, relieving stress or use of hormones for postponing menstruation.
v) Unhygienic or insanitary living condition such as damp, marshy areas, dirty places, overcrowded places, insufficient ventilation or lighting.
vi) Prolonged anxiety, stress or grief.
vii) Excessive indulgence in sex or masturbation.

Miasmatic chronic disease or true chronic disease

Miasms may be inherited or acquired acute or chronic disease. Miasm is defined by Dr Hahnemann is the infectious principle, or virus, which when taken into the organism, may set up specific disease.

The chronic disease caused by the dynamic power of the chronic miasms which influences the vital force dynamically (Ref. Study: Chronic Miasm by Allen).

Dr Hahnemann after careful analysis and experiments came to this conclusion that the Miasm lay not only at the basis of abnormal growths but were also responsible for all disease outside of chemically and mechanically irritated diseases. Those physicians, who are not skilled to acquainted with the law governing miasmatic nature of disease, suppresses these conditions, some other eliminating points must be created, as the miasm is still in that organism with the same strength and action.

As per homoeopathic theory there have three main types of miasms. Those are
i) Psoric Miasm.
ii) Syphilitic Miasm.
iii) Sycotic Miasm.

Complex diseases are formed by mixing of these three types of miasms. It is believed that the Psora is the oldest and responsible for the venereal diseases. The venereal chronic disease are caused by the syphilis and sycosis.