What is Dengue?

It is an acute viral infection with diphasic febrile episode, severe headache, myalgia and morbilliform rash caused by Dengue virus. The other name of Dengue is Breakbone Fever or Dandy Fever.

Causes of Dengue: –

The causative Dengue virus is usually harboured by female mosquito Aedes aegypti and during the bite of mosquito it is transmitted to man. Incubation period of this disease is three to fifteen days.

Symptoms of Dengue: –

In such a case temperature is high and comes with chill and sometimes rigor and goes away with sweating. Severe and maddening frontal headache is another symptom. Pain behind eyeballs and severe backache are invariably present. In the long bones particularly the insertion of tendons and ligaments are also have severe pain. Due to such symptoms the dengue is called breakbone fever. There may also have some common symptom such as nausea, constipation, alteration of taste and smell. On examination of the patient the following signs and symptoms may be found:

Rashes of Dengue

Rashes of Dengue

i) Temperatures is raised which comes down by crises on the third day but again goes up on fourth or fifth day giving the typical saddle shaped temperature curve of dengue.
ii) A prodromal rash consisting of erythema or imperial flushing of place may occur with initial fever. But, the true rash appears on about the sixth day wheat morbilliform or measles like character first on the dorsal aspect of hands and feet then spreads towards the trunk but the face is sometimes spared. From two hours to several days the rash may lasts and may also be followed by desquamation.
iii) A generalised lymphadenopathy particularly in the cervical region is commonly observed.
iv) Pulse rate shows relative bradycardia and dicritic in character. Sometimes hypotension is noticeable.
v) Delirium, insomnia, depression or agitation may occur.
vi) Rarely the spleen may be palpable.
vii) Petechial rash and gastrointestinal haemorrhage is may also develop as an acute haemorrhagic fever.
viii) Transient loss of accommodation due to paralysis of ciliary muscles may develop in rare cases.
ix) Eye is commonly seen red in dengue.
x) Usual course of dengue is 6 to 9 days.
xi) Sometimes they are may be prolonged convalescence with weakness of muscle and personality changes.

Complication of dengue: –

Due to dengue the following complication may occur:
i) haemorrhages under skin or mucous membrane is common.
ii) Otitis media, bronchopneumonia or pneumonia may occur.
iii) Herpes labialis is another complication.
iv) In rare cases jaundice may be observed.
v) Orchitis or oophoritis also may be happen.
vi) Iritis is not rare.
vii) Depression, shock and collapse is not uncommon in dengue.

Investigations: –

Leukopenia with toxic granulation of polymorphs is the constant features of dengue. The urine contains albumin. Complement fixation test may be positive. The virus may be recovered in acute phase of the disease from blood. Elisa test is necessary.

Prophylaxis of dengue: –

To stop the spread out of dengue it is essential to take measures to control the breeding of mosquito be adapted.

Homeomagnet treatment of Dengue: –

Here is some homeopathic therapeutic hints for the treatment of Dengue. But treatment should be done under proper guidance of experienced physician.
i) Fever with extreme pain into the bones. Feels better after sweating: Eupator. Perf is the medicine.
ii) Fever with muscular pains and restlessness; feels better by motion: Rhus tox is the medicine.
iii) Fever with chilliness up and down the back; muscular soreness and exhaustion; dull and heavy head: Gelsemium is useful.
iv) With bursting , splitting headache; body-ache; excessive thirst; constipation; worse by motion: Bryonia works better.
v) High fever, restlessness with exhaustion, unquenchable thirst, sips water frequently: Arsenic is the remedy.
But those are not all. Many more homeopathic is useful to fight with Dengue according to symptoms. With the administration of homeopathic medicine magnetic therapy should be done for getting excellent result.