Electromagnetic therapy

What is Electromagnetic Therapy: –

The application of permanent magnets for magnetic therapy has some limitation in the system of treatment. To overcome this limitation the Electromagnetic therapy has been developed. In the case of permanent magnet uses in magneto therapy the strength of magnets and the speed of their working is always static in nature and cannot be decreased or increased according to requirement of the individual patient.

The recovery from and the cure of the disease takes some long time in case of using permanent magnets, while the patient of today is quite impatient and seek for immediate relief. It has been found that the patients use to come to test magneto-therapy, as a last resort when they have already tried almost all kind of known system of treatment. They in generally expect that this new and special type of system should give them immediate relief to some extent at least. With due consideration to all this factors Electromagnetic therapy has been adopted.

Electromagnet therapy instruments

Electromagnet therapy instruments

Though electromagnet too has some of its own limitation, as an example it cannot work without electricity, it should not applied on very tender organs of the body such as eyes. Hence an electromagnet cannot be a complete substitute of permanent magnet and therefore both permanent and electromagnet has to exist, so that either of them may be used according to its suitability for every individual case. The effect of an electromagnet on the human body is more penetrating, fast healing and long lasting. Especially in the cases of chronic diseases such as arthritis, backache, lumbago, paralysis, poliomyelitis, sciatica, spondylitis, gout, old fracture, past injury pain, etc. can be treated successfully with the use of electromagnets. But it also to be remember that the difference between the two kinds of magnets (permanent or electromagnet ) is only technical and both these types are to exist as complementary to each other as therapeutic magnetic tools.

Electromagnetic therapy in A.C. or D.C.: –

Electromagnets can be made with and can work on alternating current (A.C.) as well as with direct current (D.C.). It may considered that the magnets made with alternating current works better and give more beneficial and quicker result for healing a patient. The cause of such better activities are due to the ripples and pulsations are formed in the working of A.C. magnets and with the change of the poles, the cells and tissues are stimulated dynamically and they produce better healing effect as compared with the static effect of permanent magnets as well as the electromagnets made by Direct Current. A.C. electromagnets are therefore more useful for treatment of chronic diseases. An electromagnet used in the electric supply of frequency 50 Hz system of alternating current, when applied to the diseased part of the body, given fifty strokes of the North Pole and an equal number of strokes of South Pole alternately in one second. The stroke are so quick that the patient does not feels any different between the strokes, but feels only pulsations. The electromagnetic strokes penetrate deep in to bones, bone-marrow and muscles and give significant relief and soothing effect to muscles and nerves. So the electromagnetic therapy is more effective than the use of permanent magnet for healing.

Electromagnet Therapy

Electromagnet Therapy

How to apply Electromagnets for Healing: –

Now let us get some idea of the use of electromagnetic therapy for healing. Electromagnets are not used alone but they are applied in conjugation with premier magnets. The premier magnets are applied in accordance with the nature and place of the ailment. They are applied to the affected parts of the body or to the hands or feet of the patients on the lines of the treatment of General Application of Magnets. Important places in the body, where electromagnets are applied for healing of various diseases are almost same as the suggested Therapeutic Application of Magnets. Electromagnets may be used in the treatment of chronic diseases as well as acute cases and can be achieved good results even in cases of given up by other system of traditional medicine. However the experienced magneto-therapists should take better decision about where and how and when the electromagnets would be applied for individual cases. The time for electromagnetic therapy treatment is generally from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, depending upon the condition of the patient and the power of electromagnets used. In general the treatment started with leaser duration and then gradually increases to the maximum level.

Combination of Permanent magnets and Electromagnetic therapy: –

It is a better and effectual process to use of an electromagnet is combined with the use of specific permanent magnets in order to get the full effect of the electromagnetic therapy. The polarity of the permanent magnet to be used with the electromagnet should be determined according to the principles of General application of magnets. A premier magnet has both the poles on opposite sides and any of its pole can be used according to the nature of the ailment. The selected pole of the premier magnet is applied to the diseased part of the body and the electromagnet is quite near the premier magnet or in between the premier magnets or on the opposite side of the place of the disease, which is suitable.

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