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What is Enuresis: –

Enuresis or bed wetting or involuntary passage of urine at night is a frequent and troublesome affection of children. Generally children gain control of bladder by the second year and keep the involuntary urination continues in children of three years or more it is termed as enuresis. It is found more in boys then in girls and from 3 to 14 years of age. The children may urinate immediately after sleep, after first sleep or midnight or during early hours of the morning. Medically it may be said that for not being able to conduct role one’s urine is called enuresis. Involuntary urination also sometimes called as enuresis.

Child Wetting the Bed

Child Wetting the Bed

The involuntary urination occurs at night is nocturnal enuresis and involuntary urination that happens during the day is known as diurnal enuresis. There are two types of enuresis namely primary and secondary enuresis. Wetting the bed during one’s babyhood is called the primary enuresis. But the secondary enuresis is a condition that develops at least six months or even several years after controlling power of bladder has been developed.

The human bladder is a muscular container for urine. It expands as urine enters in it and contracts to push the urine through the urethra. A person who has normal bladder control, the nerves in the bladder wall send a message to the brain when the bladder becomes full. Then the brain sends a back message to the bladder to automatically emptying it and makes the person ready to urinate. But the person suffering from nocturnal enuresis is unable to get ready for urination and causes involuntary urine during sleep at night.

Causes of enuresis: –

In certain children it is found to be seasonal, i.e. during winter and rainy season. Sound sleepers seem to be more prone to this condition of enuresis. The most frequent cause attached to be donating is tenseness, nervousness and increase excitability. The children who are of poor health, week and anaemic are more suffering trouble, while some children may be a matter of habit. Some other causes of bed waiting may be improper development of the muscles of bladder, worms, and tightness of the foreskin of the penis, excessive acidity or intake of excessive fluids in the evening or night. Diseases like urinary infection, diabetes, rheumatism, adenoids and continuous lying on back at night can also cause enuresis.
Exact causes of nocturnal enuresis are always could not be known, but some causes of the problem should be kept in mind.
i) Bladder problems: – too many muscle spasms can prevent the bladder from holding a normal amount of urine and as a result they suffer from enuresis. It has been seen that some teens and also adults have small bladder than the normal and cannot hold on the urine and results the enuresis.
ii) Hormonal problems: – antidiuretic hormone (ADH) causes the body to produce less urine at night, but in case of some people ADH produced in body is not sufficient and as a result their body produced too much Eugene during their sleep, causes enuresis.
iii) Problem of sleeping: – some teenagers may sleep so deeply that they fail to wake up to urinate in time.
iv) Genetics problem: – it has been seen that the parents of the children who had been suffered by enuresis and their childhood, the children also suffering by the same problem.
v) Psychological problems: – mental stress can be associated with enuresis. Teenagers sometime feel stressed due to some external causes such as bad relation between their parents, the death of the friend or a family member, to move a new school or new environment and even due to a losing of toy.
vi) Medical conditions: – secondary enuresis can occur due to some medical conditions which include diabetes, constipation, spinal-cord trauma, urinary tract infection, sports injury, and accident and so other event can play a role in enuresis.

Diagnoses of enuresis: –

Self diagnoses are possible to detect enuresis. If anybody is having trouble to control urine at night and frequently wetting their bed is symptomatic diagnosis of enuresis. But it is better to go through physical examination by a physician to find out the cause and the nature of enuresis, whether realties primary or secondary type of enuresis and whether it is due to some medical problem. It is needed to confirm by the physician about the sleep patterns, bowel habit and urinary symptoms. Mental stress and tension, family condition also to be taken in consideration to diagnose enuresis. If the history and physical examination do not suggest specific medical problem, the physician may go through some laboratory test such as urine culture and routine examination.

Management of enuresis: –
Deep Sleep Causes Enuresis

Deep Sleep Causes Enuresis

Exercise, fresh air, well ventilated rooms and cold morning bath help in preventing that trouble of enuresis. The child be held to overcome nervousness and to relax. It children prone to bed waiting should not be given much fluid after the evening. Other associated troubles like diabetes and adenoids would be treated early. The diet should be reach in fats and sugars to increase the bodyweight. Hot diets like fish and eggs should be given for supper which reduces the chances of bed waiting, while the foods such as cucumbers, salads and watermelons which cause increase in the urinary secretion must be avoided. The homeo magnate treatment may be a better solution for such problem.

Homeo-Magnet Treatment of Enuresis:-

The homoeopathic remedies such as Sepia, Causticum, Gelsemium, Calc. Carb, Pulsatilla, Aciz-benz, Kreosote, Equisetum, Psorinum, Lac Caninum, Lycopodium, Cina, China etc. are more useful to control enuresis by the medicine should be choose according to the totality of symptoms. With the administration of homoeopathic medicine magnate therapy should be done to get excellent and permanent result. The medium powered magnets will be applied to the soles of feet once in the morning while in the evening the North Pole would be applied to the acupuncture point about 7 to 8 cm above the inner malleolus and 15 cm straight below the navel. A small ceramic magnate may be applied under root of pennies in case of boys and on the urethra of girls. Oil magnetised by not may be applied over the area of the urinary bladder at bed time.

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