Homeopathy are closely allied with the Magnet-therapy and that is the basic principle of Homeo-magnet treatment. The founder of Homeopathy Dr. S. Hahnemann has pointed out the aims of every physician that the high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, i.e. to cure as it is termed. And, the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health or removal and annihilation of the diseases in its whole extent, in the shortest , most reliable and most harmless way …..(Source: ‘Organon of Medicine’ –S. Hahnemann).

Three separate medicines are prepared in Homeopathy from three different properties of the magnet, i.e. (i) The whole Magnet, (ii) The South Pole, and (iii) The North Pole; namely (a) Magnetis Poli Ambo, (b) Magnetis Polus Australis, and (c) Magnetis Polus Arcticus respectively. Dr. Hahnemann has stated that the symptoms occurred from various powerful magnets brought in contact with various sensitive individuals without distinction of the poles.

Homeopathy is complimentary to magnet therapy as homeopathic remedies do not possess any chemical substance but the electromagnetic energy of that substance which is obtained by potentising the medicine, which produces magnetic fields of different strengths.

Dr. Hahnemann Has made the following observations regarding magnets and their use which may help us to explain the correlation of Homeo-Magnet treatment : “A magnetic rod can quickly and permanently cure the most severe disease for which it is suitable medicine, when it is brought near the body for but a short time, even though covered with some thick material.” So, it may be noted that Dr. Hahnemann has called the magnet “a suitable medicine” here.
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Although each of the poles presents something strange in its power of altering the human health, yet each of them appears to produce alternating actions which resemble those of the opposite pole. In order to outcome a cure to a patient, the magnet must be applied in a much milder mode to enable it to act homeopathically.

Dr. Hahnemann’s concept was far ahead of his time, because very little was then known about the electro-magnetic nature of cellular activity and the importance of magnetism. However, today it has been known that every homeopathic remedy is the electromagnetic energy of that particular substance. The substance that is to be made into a homeopathic remedy is repeatedly subjected to process known as trituration or ‘sock succession’ name the dilution, by which the atoms of the substance are split, releasing the electromagnetic energy belong to that particular substance. With increasing the potencies the electro-magnetic frequencies of the drug substance increase. The lower potencies, that is from the 3rd to the 12th, correspond to the lower frequencies; the 30th and 200th to the medium; and 1000th and above to the highly penetrating higher frequencies. As the potencies increase the remedy becomes more deep-acting and long-acting. This makes homeopathy, like magnetic therapy, the treatment of choice in all acute, chronic and long standing diseases.

So the Homeo-magnet treatment never denied the basic principle of homeopathy but obey the purpose of homeopathic treatment in all respect. The application of magnetic therapy with the administration of homeopathic medicine is not only helpful but also boost up the action of the remedies applied.

In the following chapters we are going to discuss about some common diseases , their signs and symptoms and some hints about the treatment by the combination therapy which we have named as homeo-magnet therapy. But it should be taken in mind that the treatment should be done under the supervision of experience physician. Common people should not use our website for self medication and it may be harmful for one’s health. Our site is only to get some idea of the treatment process with the help of the combination of homeopathy and magneto-therapy.

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