Here we shall give some idea about some important Homeopathic Medicines, better known as Homeopathic Remedies, that in which region it works well, in which conditions the patient feel worse or better. Homeopathy is a symptomatic treatment, so the symptoms of the patient should be taken in details to choice the right remedy for the individual patient. An experienced homeopathy practitioner can do the job perfectly to choice the perfect remedy for an individual patient. So it is not a guidance for the common people who has not any knowledge in the subject of homeopathy but some idea about the Homeopathic Medicines can be obtained.

All homeopaths are not agree on those days and potency and the potency to be taken which depends on for the sensitivity of a patient and the severely of the disease, and how long the patient is suffering, or should be taken in mind. But there are exceptions, particularly while an accident car the same terms might keep the body a kick start with a high potency dose, but in general cases that treatment should be started with low potency doses. Another general rule is that high potency homeopathic medicines should only be taken when the right remedy has been selected.

On course of homeopathic treatment one should avoid strong flavors such as mint, coffee or camphor. Once a patient felt relief from the symptoms taking of the homeopathic medicines should be stopped and it can be taken again when the same symptoms come back.

The homeopathic physicians seek to cure the patient on the physical, mental and emotional levels and each treatment has to be done to patient’s individual needs. That treatment by homeopathic medicines is generally safe, as it uses an extremely diluted condition.

The concept of disease in homeopathy is that disease is a total abjection of mind body and also the spirituality, that disturbance of the whole organ. The cause of illness are not for individual organs but disturbance at the inner level. Homeopathic does not believe in giving the current maybe since at the current affected parts of the body. Homeopathic dates the patient as a whole and not just the disease. That is treatment by homeopathic medicines is that treatment of the patient, not of the disease. So for homeopath it is more important to find out the perfect homeopathic medicine for an individual, because homeopath believes in holistic and individualistic approach.
To know about homeopathic medicines proper study of homeopathic Materia Medica is quite essential.

Materia Medica lists the remedies that their names. The homeopathy is safe and help gently guide the body, sudden illness and injury be treated at first indication. The runners so many Materia Medica of homeopathic medicines, and they are in different styles in which they are written and organised. Materia Medicas are full of detailed information about the medicine, it is quite necessary to study each medicine in a systematic way so that one can retain as much information about it is possible. A systematic way to learn about the homeopathic medicine in a study group is to discuss its most characteristic symptoms first. After that, there should be discussion of the physiological symptoms, then the physical symptoms, and finally, the less characteristic symptoms.

In our following chapters we’ll bring a least of some important homeopathic medicines with their brief characteristic symptoms which may help anybody, specially a homeopathic student to find out the homeopathic medicine for study.

Now go through the pages to get some general idea of some important homeopathic remedies started with the letter:

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