Homeopathic Medicine List (A,B)

Here we shall give a homeopathic medicine list and some idea about some important homeopathic medicine that in which region it works well, in which conditions the patient feel worse or better. Homeopathy is a symptomatic treatment, so the symptoms of the patient should be taken in details to choice the right remedy for the individual patient. An experienced homeopathy practitioner can do the job perfectly to choice the perfect remedy for an individual patient. So it is not a guidance for the common people who has not any knowledge in the subject of homeopathy but some idea about the homeopathy medicines can be obtained.
Homeopathic Medicine List: -[A]
Region: MIND (brain), NERVES (Medulla, Sympathetic, Vagus, Respiratory Centre), HEART (Arterial, Circulation), VISCERA (Larynx, Chest, Abdomen), Joints.
Worse: Violent Emotions (Fright, Shock, Vexation), Sleeping in sun. Chilled by: Cold, dry winds, sweating time. Noise, Light. Dentition. During Menses. At night: in bed, Lying on side.
Better: In open air, Repose, Warm sweat.
REGION : – Veins (Liver, Neso-pharynx, Abdomen right side, Rectum); Mucus membranes (Neso-Pharynx); Occiput; Sacro-Illiac region.
WORSE : – Morning, on walking; After stool; Lying; stooping, Urinating; Walking.
BETTER : – Cool (open air, Bathing); Bleeding piles, Kneeling, Continued Exertion.
REGION : – Brain; Nerves; Digestion; Occiput; Neck; Glands; Liver.
Worse : – Milk; Hot weather; Dentition; Frequent eating; Over- exertion.
REGION : – Spinal Axis( Occiput; Nerves; Lumberregion); Peristalsis; Heart; Circulation; Respiration; Chest.
WORSE : – Air( cold, Freezing, Open, Stormy); Exhaustion( Mental, Coition, Debauchery); Alcohol; Pressure,; Touch; Morning; During Menses.
BETTER : – Gentle Motion.
REGION : – Abdominal Veins (rectum; Liver; Colon; Pelvis.); Lumber Region; Head; Female Organs.
WORSE : – Heat; Damp in summer; Early morning(in Bed); After Dysentery; Stepping hard; Evening
BETTER : – Cool, Open air; Cold applications.
REGION : – Spinal Cord; Lumber; Abdomen(Left side); Rectum; Lower limbs; Mucus membranes; Skin.
WORSE : – Warmth (at room, in bed); Foods(Artificial; Potatoes); Speaking; Dry weather; Early on awaking; After menses; Sitting.
Better : – Evening; Open air; Moderate Exertion and Temperature.
REGION : – Heart(Circulation; Blood); Respiration; Lungs; Bronchiae; Right Side.
WORSE : – Cold(Cloudy Days; Damp; Raw, open air); Falling asleep; During Menses; Motion.
BETTER : – Pressure; Eating; Lying on Abdomen.
REGION : – Mucus Membranes( Chest; Gall-Ducts); Liver; Blood; Female Organs; Tips of Fingers and Toes; Between Scapulae.
WORSE : – Morning(Head, Chest); Afternoon (abdomen); Evening( Skin; Fever; Limbs); Sprains; Periodically.
Better : – Open Air; Rapid Motion.
REGION : – Vaso-motor Nerves (Circulation; Head; Heart); Respiration
WORSE : – Climacteric; Slight causes; Emotion; Close room; Heat.
REGION : – Stomach; Digestive Tract; Mind; Skin; Changing Sides.
WORSE : – Cold(Bathing; Dampness; Water on head); Over eating(acid; Sweets); Heat( Summer; Sun; Radiated over heating)
REGION : – Mucus membranes; Pneumogastric Nerve(Bronchi; Lungs; Heart; Circulation; Respiration); Stomach; Bowels; Sleep; Lumber Region; Skin.
WORSE : – Warm(at room; Wraps; Weather); Anger; Lying; Morning; Cold; Dampness; Overeating.
BETTER : – Expectoration; Sitting Erect; Vomiting; Motion.
REGION : – Cellular Tissue(Eyes; Face; Ovaries; Fauces); Serous Cavities; Skin; Kidneys; Bladder; Nerves; Respiration; Heart; Blood; Right Side; Right to left side.
WORSE : – Heat( Room; Weather; Fire; Drinks; Bed; Hot bath); Touch, even very light; After sleep; Pressure; Suppressed Eruption.
BETTER : – Cool( Air; Bathing; Uncovering); Slight Expectoration; Motion.

REGION :- Nerves; Cartilages and Mucus Membranes(Larynx; Bones; Condyles; Joints; Genito-Urinary.); Left side ; Ovary; right testis.
WORSE : – Using voice; Mental strain; Noon; Cold Damp; 3a.m. to 5a.m.
BETTER : – Motion; Taking Coffee; Wrapping up.
REGION : – Mind; Nerves(Cerebro-spinal; Abdominal); Mucous Membrane(Stomach; Boeels; Eyes; Throat; Urethra); Periosteum; Skin; Left side.
WORSE : – Emotions(Anxiety; Suspense); In room; Taking sugar; Shut in places; Lying on Right side; Looking down;Crowds; Drinking.
BETTER : – Cool ( Bath; Air);Pressure; Motion.
REGION : – Blood; Blood-Vessels; Nerves; Muscles; Digestive organs.
WORSE : – Injuries(Bruises; Shock; Jarring; Labour; Overexertion; Sprains); Touch; After sleep; Old age; Motion; Alcohol.
BETTER : – Lying( Head lower; Outstretched)
REGION : – Mucus Membranes; Mind; Respiration; Lungs; Right Apex; Blood; Heart; Nerves; Spleen; Lymphatic; Skin; Muscles; Serous cavities; Organs.
WORSE : – Cold(Ices; Drinks; Foods; Air); Periodically(Midnight; After midnight; 14 days; yearly); Vegetables; Drinking; Tippling; infections; Bad meat; Eruptions(Undeveloped; Suppressed); Quinine; Lying on part; Tobacco; Exertion)
BETTER : – Hot( Dry application; Food; Drinks; Wraps); Motion; Walking ; Elevating head; Sittin erect; Company; Sweating.
REGION : – Mucus Membranes(Nose; Digestive Tract; Lungs); Heart; Glands; Skin; Nerves; Left side.
WORSE : – Weather(Dry; Cold; Windy; Foggy); Exertion; Apples; Tobacco smoke; In room.
Better : – Open air.
REGION : – Nerves; Mind; Gullet; Digestive tract; Periosteum( Ears; Nose; Tibia); Left side.
WORSE : – Night; In room; Rest; Suppression; Mercury; Noise; Eating; Sitting; Warm wraps.
BETTER : – Motion in open air; Pressure.
REGION : – Nerves; Mucus Membrane; Female organ.
WORSE : – Penetrating Sounds; Emotion; Dry; Cold.
BETTER : – Cold Bathing; Bathing of face.
REGION : – Mind; Nerves; Vascular System; Heart; Bones(Nasal; Skull; Patellae; Joints); Glands; Liver; Kidneys.
WORSE : – Emotions (Depressing; Disordered affection); Mental exertion; Cold at night(sunset to sunrise); Abuse of mercury; Cloudy weather.
BETTER : – Cool; Open air; Cold bathing; Becoming warm; Music; Walking.

Homeopathic Medicine List: – [B]

REGION : – Blood; Mind; Nerves; Mucous Membrane(Digestive tract); Left side.
WORSE : – Humid heat; Fogs; In room; Pressure; On awaking.
REGION : – Nutrition; Mind; Glands(Throat; Prostate); Heart; Nerves; Blood vessels; Lungs.
WORSE : – Company; Thinking of a company; Cold(Damp; To feet; To head; Changes); Lying on( Painful part; Left side); Odors.
Better : – Warm wraps.
REGION : – Nerve Centres; Brain; Blood Vessels; Capillaries; MUCOUS membrane(Eyes; Mouth; Throat); Skin; Organs; Right side.
WORSE : – Heat(of Sun); Drafts(on Head); Hair cut; Washing head; After taking cold; Checked Sweat; Light; Noise; Jarring; Touch; Company; Pressure; Motion; Hanging Down.
BETTER : – Light covering; Bending Backward; Rest in bed.

REGION : – Blood-vessels; Nerves; Spleen; Joints; Left side.
WORSE : – Injury sprains; Touch; Cold bath; cold drinks; Wetting; Becoming chilled when hot.
BETTER : – Continued motion; Cold apply locally.
REGION : – Urine (Kidneys; Bladder); Joints; Heart; Bowels; Left side.
WORSE : – Open air; Cold; Changing weather.
BETTER : – Heat; Profuse Urine.
REGION : – Urinary and digestive tract( Kidneys; Liver; Bladder); Lumber joints(Hips)
Joints; Uterus; Spermatic Cord .
WORSE : – Motion(Jarring; Stepping hard; Rising from sitting); Fatigue; Urinating.
REGION : – Digestive tract(Stomach; Intestines)
WORSE : – Eating; Overeating.
BETTER : – Cold; Drinks; Cold applications; Bending back; Motion.
REGION : – Occiput; Nutrition (Nerves; Mucous membranes); Mouth; Skin; Kidneys; Bladder.
WORSE : – Downward motion; Sudden noise; Cold; wetting; Least uncovering; Nurslings; Children; Fruit.
Better : – At 11 p.m.
REGION : – Circulation (Heart; Uterus; Kidneys); Skin.
WORSE : – Menses; Full moon; Getting warm.
Better : – Doubling up; Eating.
REGION : – Larynx; Respiration; Heart; Circulation; Glands(Parotid; Thyroid; Ovaries; Mammae)
WORSE : – Warm(Dampness; Overheating; Room); Chilled while hot; Dust; Drafts; Until midnight; Sun bathing.
BETTER : – Nosebleed ( Vertigo; Head; Chest); At sea; Motion.
REGION : – Blood; Circulation; Liver; Serous Membranes (Head; Chest; Joints; Abdomen); Motor Apparatus (Nerves; Muscles); Right Side; Lymphatic; Cellular tissue.
WORSE : – Motion ( Least; Raising up; Stooping; Exertion; Coughing; Deep breathing); Dry (Heat; Cold); Hot (Becoming; Room; Weather); Eating; Drinking, while hot; Vegetables; Acids; Calomel; Vexation; Taking cold; Early A.M.
BETTER : – Pressure ( Laying on painful parts; By Bandage); Cool open air; Quiet; Cloudy; Damp days; Drawing Knees up; Heat to inflamed part; After stool.
REGION : – Heart(Blood; Circulation); Kidneys; Sexual organs; Ovaries; Groin; Skin.
WORSE : – In warm room; Sexual Excitement; During sleep; Least motion; Injuries.
BETTER : – Bleeding; Cool air; Bathing; Feet in hot water.

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