Homeopathic Medicine List (Q,R,S,T)

REGION : – Skin; Nerves; Bones; Lymphoid tissue; Mucous Membrane (Lumbo-sacral; Great toe)Shifting sides.
WORSE : – Washing; Shaving; Motion.
BETTER : – Eating; Cold drinks; Open air; Hot bath; Motion.
REGION : – Nerves; Muscles; Eyes; Fingers and toes; Thorax; Skin; Serous surfaces; Left side.
WORSE : – Changing Temperature; Changing position; Air (Damp; Cold; Open; Drafts); Alcohol; Evening; Change of weather; Motion of arms; Breathing; Touch.
REGION : – Skin; Vertex; Chest; Right side.
WORSE : – Evening; Motion; Deep breathing.
BETTER : – After midnight.

REGION : – Rectum; Anus; Nipples; Teeth.
WORSE : – Night; Anxiety; Heat; Exertions; Touch.
BETTER : – Walking in open air; Cool bathing.
REGION : – Liver; Muscles of (Duodenum; Bile ducts; Intestines).
WORSE : – Dentition; Nursing Women; Eating; Summer.
BETTER : – Warmth, Wrapping up.
REGION : – Bones; Nerves; Genitals; Vascular system; Fibrous Tissues(Forearm; Lower legs; Small joints); Single part of the body.
WORSE : – Weather(Before storm; Cold damp; Cloudy; Changing; Windy; Rough); Rest; Wine; Night of midsummer.
BETTER : – Heat; In sun; Motion; Wrapping head.
RHUS TOXREGION : – Blood; Mucous membrane; Nerves (Cord; Sciatic); Skin (Scalp; Face; Genitals); Glands (Pyer’s; Parotid); Tissues (Joints; Ligaments; Fibrous; Cellular); Left side.
WORSE : – Uncovering; Rest; Starting motion; Before storm; Sprains; Overexertion; After midnight; Exposure to 9Wet; Cold; Washing; Chill; Draft).
BETTER : – Heat(Bath; Wraps); Rubbing; Nose bleed; Holding abdomen; Continued motion.
REGION : – Stomach; Secretion.
WORSE : – Eating; Fats; Night.
RUMEXREGION : – Nerves; Skin; Chest; Mucous membranes(Larynx; Trachea; Throat pit; Bowels); Joints; Ankles; Left side.
WORSE : – Uncovering; Pressure; Night; Cool air (Inhaling; Open air; Raw changes).
BETTER : – Covering mouth; Wrapping up.
REGION : – Cartilages; Periosteum; Uterus; Skin; Fibrous tissues (Eyes; Joints; Wrists; Ankles; Lumber).
WORSE : – Cold (Air; Wind; Damp; Wet); Lying; Sitting; Over exertion (Injury; Sprains; Eye strain); Pressure on an edge.
BETTER : – Warmth; Motion; Lying on back.
REGION : – Nerves; Throat; Lachrymal glands; Mucous membrane(Nose; Digestive tract; Anus).
REGION : – Mucous membranes; Genito Urinary organs; Prostate; Ovaries; Mammae; Bladder; Urethra.
WORSE : – Women; Old men; Sympathy; Weather (Cold; Damp; Cloudy).
REGION : – Female pelvic organs; Small joints; Heels.
WORSE : – Pregnancy; Climacteric; Foggy weather; Heat (at Night; Bed; Room; Exercise).
BETTER : – Open air; Cold; Cool.
REGION :- Respiratory organs; Respiration; Skin; Kidneys.
WORSE :- Dry cold air; Cold drinks; Head low.
BETTER :- Motion; Wrapping up; Pressure over a sharp edge.

REGION :- Vaso-Motors; Capillaries; Mucous membrane; Stomach; Right side of (head/ liver/ chest / deltoid).
WORSE :- Climaxes; Odours; Jar; Light; Raising arms; Looking up; Periodically(Weakly; Night; Morn).
BETTER :- Sleep; Vomiting; Cool air; Lying on back; Passing Flatus.
REGION :- Genito urinary organs; Lower side; right side; Skin.
WORSE :- Micturition; Cold wet; Spring; Mercury; Night; Suppressed gonorrhoea; Yawning.
BETTER :- Standing; Uncovering chest.
REGION :- Left side; Muscles; Heart; Kidneys; Cord.
WORSE :- Turning on left side.
BETTER :- Cool air; Rapid motion; Passing flatus.
REGION :- Blood; Nerves; Muscles (Blood vessels; Uterus); Cord; Limbs.
WORSE :- Warmth; During Menses; Pregnancy; Loss of fluids; Covers.
BETTER :- Cold; Bathing; Uncovering; Rocking; Forcible extension.
REGION :- Nerves (Genito-urinary; Supra-orbital); Liver; Larynx.
WORSE :- Singing; Drafts; ; After sleep; Hot days; Sexual Excesses; Lose of sleep.
BETTER :- After sunset; Inhaling cold air.
REGION :- Mucous glands; Nose; Lungs; Lumbar spine; Female (Genito- urinary organs; bladder.
WORSE :- Puberty; Sexual Excitement; Dampness; Cold; Open air.
BETTER :- Menstruation.
REGION :- Mucous membranes (Chest, Eyes, Nose, Bladder); Muscles; Left side.
WORSE :- Rest; Pressure; Touch; Air(Open; Wind; Inhaling cold).
BETTER :- Motion; In open air; Bending head back.
REGION :- Nerves; Skin; Venous Circulation(Digestive tract; Female pelvic organs; Portal system)
WORSE :- Sexual Excesses; Before menses; Pregnancy; Abortion; Cold (Air; Wet; Snowy; North wind); Morning and evening; After first sleep.
BETTER :- Violent motion; Warmth; Cold drinks.
REGION :- Nerves; Glands; Nutrition; Tissues(Elastic; Cellular); Tubes (Eustachian; Tear ducts; Fistulae); Mucous membrane; Skin; Bones; Cartilage.
WORSE :- Sensitive to(Nervous excitement; Light; Noise; Jarring Spine); Change of moon; Night; Mental exertion; Cold(Air; Drafts; Damp; Uncovering; Bathing; Checked sweat); Alcohol.
BETTER :- Profuse urination; Warm(Wraps; to head; Becoming).
REGION :- Eyes; Teeth; Fibrous tissue; Nerves (Trifacial; Heart; Neck); Left side.
WORSE :- Touch; Motion; Jar; Periodically with the sun; Coition; Raising arms; Tobacco.
BETTER :- Lying on Right side; Lying with head high.
REGION :- Heart; Valves;; Larynx; Trachea; Glands.
WORSE :- Dry Cold wind; Roused from sleep; Exertion; Raising arms; Before 12 p.m.
BETTER :- Eating a little, Lying with head low.
REGION :- Mucous Membranes; Serous Membranes; Kidneys; Heart; Spleen.
WORSE :- Early morning; Motion; Uncovering; Old People.
REGION :- Mucous membrane; Nerves; Chest; Female organs.
WORSE :- Using voice; Cold; Ascending steps; Motion(After; Gentle); Lying on Right side.
BETTER :- Rapid motion; Expectoration; Hard pressure.
REGION :- Nerves; Teeth; Genito-urinary organs; Glands; Right deltoid; Fibrous tissues(Eyelids; Skin).
WORSE :- Sexual Excesses; Organism; Touch; Cold drinks; Lacerations; Stretching parts; Mercury; Night; Emotions (Vexation; Chagrin; Quarrels; Indignation.
BETTER :- Warmth; Rest; Breakfast.
REGION :- Nerves; Right Shoulder; Membranes (Nose; Chest; Bronchi; Joints)
WORSE :- Motion; Night; Lying down; Change of temperatures.
BETTER :- Free discharges; Open air.
REGION :- Brain; Spinal nerves (Arms; Hips; Genitals); Circulation (Skin; Throat).
WORSE :- Glistening objects; Fright; After sleep; Cloudy days; Dark; Suppression; Intemperance.
BETTER :- Light; Company; Warmth.
REGION :- Bone Marrow; Ankles; Vaso-Motors (Circulations; Heart; Kidneys); Right side.
WORSE :- Uncovering; Cold; Changes; Walking; Sprains; Bleeding; Evening.
BETTER :- Itching; Heat and light.
REGION :- Heart; Circulation; Kidneys; Stomach.
WORSE :- Exertion; Alcohol; Tea; Tobacco.
REGION :- Membranes (Mucous; Serous); Rectum; Chest; Nutritive Organs; Skin; Folds; Circulation(Venous; Portal; Abdomen); Vertex; Soles; Glands; joints.
WORSE :- Suppression; Bathing; Milk; Heated (Exertion; In bed); Atmospheric changes; Speaking; Periodically.
BETTER :- Open air; Motion; Warm application; Sweating; Dry heat.
REGION :- Blood; Blood Vessels; Digestive tract; Left side.
WORSE :- Open air; Cold; Spirits; Injuries; Climacteric; Towards evening; Excessive heat or cold; Odour of Coffee.
BETTER :- Hot drinks; Moderate Temperature; Hands near head.
REGION :- Tissues; Glands; Skin; Right side.
WORSE :- Exertion; Heat; Before storm; Night; Lying on right side.
BETTER :- Standing; Cool air.
REGION :- Flat bones; Cartilage; Periosteum.
WORSE :- Injuries; Fractures.
REGION :- Nerves; Bones; Mucous Membranes.
WORSE :- Night; Damp; Sundown to sunrise; Protruding tongue; Extreme heat or cold; Every alternate full moon; During Thunderstorms.
BETTER :- Changing position; Continued motion; Slow motion; Applied heat; High altitude.
REGION :- Glands; Secretion; Nerves (Cerebro-spinal; Vegas; Sympathetic; Ganglia; Heart).
WORSE :- Motion; Lying on left side.
BETTER :- Cold; Fresh air; Twilight; Uncovering abdomen.
REGION :- Heart; Nerves; Respiration; Spine; Generative sphere; Right side.
WORSE :- Touch; Cold; Damp; Noise; After menses; Evening; Periodically (Yearly; Same hour).
BETTER :- Open air; Music; In the sun; Relaxation (Rubbing; Sweating; Smoking).
REGION :- Cellular tissue.
WORSE :- Cold drinks; Exertion.

REGION :- Nerves; spine; Eyes; Ears; Skin; Right side to left side.
WORSE :- Lying on part, Cold; Empty swallowing; Touch; Spinal injury.
REGION :- Mucous membranes; Kidneys; Bladder; Respiration; Heart; Blood.
WORSE :- Cold; Dampness; Night; Lying; Pressure.
BETTER :- Motion.
REGION :- Nerves; Bones; Spine; Left side; Head; Chest.
WORSE :- Noise; Touch; Closing eyes; Riding; Jar; Least Motion.
BETTER :- Rest; Warmth.
REGION :- Nerves; Mind; Mucous membranes (Intestine; Genito-Urinary); Occiput; Glands; Skin; Ovary; Left side.
WORSE :- Cold; Damp; Heat of bed; Urinating; Gonorrhoea; Syphilis; Vaccination; Tea; Onion; Periodically (Yearly; Increasing moon; During menses)
BETTER :- Motion; Free Secretions; Sneezing; Warm (Wind; Air; Wrapping Head); Touch; Crossing legs.
REGION :- Heart; Central nervous system; Skin; Right side.
WORSE :- Least cold; Exertion.
BETTER :- Lying on abdomen.
REGION :- Female sexual organs.
WORSE :- Motion; Climaxes.
BETTER :- Tight bandage; Bending forward; Exertion in open air.
REGION :- Lungs; Head; Occiput; Glands; Larynx; Mind.
WORSE :- Motion; Exertion; Close room; Damp weather; Changing weather; Draft; Awaking; Noise; Mental excitement; Pressure of wristband.
BETTER :- Open air; Cool wind.

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