Homeopathy Remedy Selection

For homeopathic treatment a vital part is Homeopathy Remedy Selection. We know that different patients suffering from same ailment may show different symptom. As an example let us take a simple disease like Common Cold whish may manifest different symptoms like:-

a) Sudden cold; sneezing; fear; flowing nose; thirst; fever; restlessness; aggravation in warm room.
b) Continuous sneezing; aggravation in warm room; too much watery; Headache; cough; hoarseness; amelioration in open air.
c) Flowing cold; constant flow of water from eyes; face looking hot but the patient feels cold. All of the symptoms are aggravated in the evening and in the warm room.
d) The chill runs up and down the spine; heaviness in head; tensed face; sneezing and post-nasal catarrh; feels sleepy; fever which breaks without any sweat but returns back; cold feeling with intense urination.

Fever Patient wants more covering

Fever Patient wants more covering

The above four patient are suffering from common cold but showing different symptoms. In system of Homeopathy they cannot be given the same medicine. Here is the importance of proper Homeopathy Remedy Selection for a practitioner. For the above stated four condition, their remedies will be (a) Aconite, (b) Allium cpa, (c) Euphrasia, and (d) Gelsemium, respectively.
So from the above example it is clear that selection of homeopathic medicine is not a diagnostic one like the allopathic system. In allopathic system all the above four condition will be treated as common cold in name and there has specific medicine for its treatment. The reason for giving different medicine to every patient in the homeopathic system is that at the time of drug proving , different medicine produced different symptoms which shows that the medicine is selected on the basis of similia similibus curentur, which is the basic principle of Homeopathy.

So the basic principles of homeopathic remedy selection may be stated as a summary as fallow. Consider the whole body as one unit, but not a part or place of the ailment. Because the human body always works as one integrated unit while performing any function. None of the vital organs functions independently and to obtain radical cure an individual must be considered as a whole to correct any organ’s malfunctioning. Since the human body functions as a whole, homeopathic practitioner rightly believes in considering all the symptoms, apparently it may not be related with the present ailment suffering the patient. That is in fact the philosophy and as well as the methodology of homeopathy. Since the human body functions as a whole homeopathy rightly believes in considering totality of the symptoms. Even the habit and mental state of the individual should be kept in view for correct homeopathic remedy selection. However, in the cases of emergency the approach would be given priority to the most important symptoms. But there are many diseases which have not any known cause and are considered as incurable by orthodox medical system. Homeopathy does not wait for the cause, but gives priority to the symptoms, and considers all the symptoms the underlying cause of the disease is automatically taken care of.

Fever Patient wants uncovering

Fever Patient wants uncovering

As a result homeopathy can treat most of so called incurable diseases by other medical systems and can be effectively satisfy patient’s particular need in particular health condition. It should be kept in mind that each individual is a separate entity having one’s peculiar body chemistry and physical, emotional, and mental level, normal habits etc. are varies in any two individuals. Though the diseases apparently may be similar, but in consideration of homeopathy every patient is unique and the treatment should be differing from each other. Therefore in the homeopathic remedy selection, the medicine, dose and potency is not likely to be the same for everyone for the same diseases. There has a very large number of homeopathic medicines in this system and each medicine has its unique characteristics and the symptoms that it covers. No two medicines are exactly same and the difference should be known to a homeopath. Going for a medicine by the name of the disease is not the right process of homeopathy. Trying to do so would most probably lead to failure of the treatment at all. The medicine, which has the symptoms and characteristics matching the condition and symptoms of the individual, and that leads to the proper homeopathic remedy selection. So, to find an effective medicine, the totalities of symptoms along with the modalities are to be considered and it should be kept in mind that in homeopathy the treatment is not to be given by the name of the disease and each individual is to be evaluated separately and autonomously.

So for the homeopathic remedy selection it should be kept in mind that the observation carefully of all the symptoms the person exhibits, i.e. mental, emotional and physical. A homeopathy practitioner should remember that he is treating the whole person, not just the disease or injury only. The physician should establish which symptom are clear and most pronounced. This will simplify the choosing process. Problems that are long standing or recurring in nature indicate an imbalance which is at a deeper level than a short time concern. In this case proper symptom collection is more necessary, and it will guide a practitioner to find out the proper remedy for an individual.

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