Human Body and Magnets

Now, here we have some discussion about the relation of human body and magnets as well as magnetism. We know that the human body is a very complicated and automatic machinery in the world. Internal function of human beings and as well as other animals is that like of electrical machine. We can think the brain as the control room of the whole body. The nervous system as well as other systems working in the body is regulated perfectly by the different controlling system of the brain. Again in the circulatory system, the heart works as an electrical generator, which supplies the energy to the whole body through circulation of blood. So we can say, the brain and the heart are the most important parts of the human machinery.

Human Brain and Magnet: –

The brain of the human beings is a highly computerised organ. It is a greet intelligent, active and natural centre that controls the organ of functioning vision, hearing, speech and as well as the motor and sensory nerves. The brain acting through nerves, controls the mussels all over the body including face , neck and joints as well as the vagus nerves which goes into the heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, liver and spleen. The brain consists of approximately 10 billion nerve cells called neuron. Each neuron has a thread like fibre extending from either end and each such fibre interconnects many of fibres of one or more other nerve cells.

Human Brain

Human Brain

Along with the tiny nerve fibres sensation are conveyed to the brain, and after it reaches the brain, certain electrical impulses are caused by means of which messages are sent to the limbs and other mussels. The brain gives the meaning to one’s experiences initiates and regulates thoughts, emotions and actions. The brain machinery also hold mind, which is responsible for the joys, laugh, smile, love, hate, smile, dancing, singing, sorrows, grief, fear, terrors etc.

Human brain not only shows evidence of electrical activity within, but also generates small currents which cause brain waves. The frequency of such wave is approximately10Hz (10 per second), but often vary. This variation differs from person to person, and it may be say that every individual differs in type of his brain waves. In a man whether asleep or awake, insane or insane an adult size brain generatesopeartes20 to 24 watts of electrical energy. The individual nerve cells are the source of the electricity, each of which is in effect of a tiny dynamo. The electrical charge generates within the cell from a chemical fuel of glucose and hydrogen and when charge exceeds certain level the cells go through discharge. As a rule when the stimulation is greeter (by danger, anger, emotion etc.) the greeter the rate of charging and discharging. The nervous system, through which outward sensation carried to the brain or central nerve and conducts the response to the effectors mussels or glands is a highly equipped and compact mechanism. So it may clear that human body and magnets has some co-relation.

Heart and Magnet

Now let us have a simple study about the human heart. The heart is roughly shaped like a playing card Heart structure and rests obliquely in the thoracic cavity. The anterior surface of the heart faces the sternum, the posterior surface – the base of the cone faces the vertebral column and the inferior surface rest on the diaphragm.

The heart has four chambers: two ventricles and two atria , right and left of the both. The two left chambers are separated from the right ones by a continuous partition, the arterial portion of which is called the inter atrial septum and the ventricular part is known as the inter ventricular septum. From the left ventricle arises the aorta, carrying the oxygenated

Electromagnetic wave of Heart

Electromagnetic wave of Heart

blood to the tissues. From the right ventricle, which is less muscular than the left, arises the pulmonary trunk, carrying reduced blood to the lungs. The right atrium receives all the venous blood from the body through three veins i.e. the inferior venae cavae, the superior venae cavae, and the coronary sinus. The left atrium receives all the oxygenated blood from the lungs through pulmonary veins. So that the four chambers of the heart perform four different functions. The left ventricle propels oxygenated blood to the tissue, where it gives up oxygen and become reduced. The reduced blood comes back to the heart through the veins and is received by the right atrium. From the right atrium it passes into the right ventricle , which then propels it into the lungs. Now it becomes re-oxygenated, and is returned to the left atrium through the pulmonary veins. Then it enters the left ventricle and is pumped out into the greeter circulation again. In this process the circulation goes on. The right half of the heart is concerned with reduced blood, while the left half with oxygenated blood. Two technical terms in connection with heart are in use, the term systole stands for contraction and diastole for relaxation.

There should not be any admixture between arterial and venous blood and the circulation must be strictly one way. This is done by the actions of valves. There are four sets of valves in the heart. The right atrioventricular opening is guarded by Tricuspid valve, the left opening by Mitral or bicuspid valve. The openings of aorta and pulmonary artery are guarded by semi lunar valves. The cusps of tricuspid valve and mitral valve are triangular in shape and attached at their bases to the margins of fibrous connective tissue encircling the atrioventricular orifices. These valves open when the blood passes from the atria to the ventricles. The atrioventricular (A.V.) valves open towards the ventricles and close towards the atria. The semi- lunar (S.L.) valves open away from the ventricles and close towards the ventricles. So, when atria contract, the atrioventricular valves open and the blood pass into the ventricles. Again, when ventricles contract, atrioventricular valves close, but semi-lunar valves open. This prevents regurgitation of blood into the atria but allows to flow out of the ventricles. So, the circulation becomes one way.
The heart is made up of thousands of muscles which may be taken as composing elements. Muscular activity of heart is associated with electrical activity, which is the electrical phenomenon of the heart muscles that produces the electrocardiogram. No current could be recorded unless contraction of the heart muscle occurs. The electrical activity of each element of the heart can be measured by a vector, that’s a force which may be represented by magnitude, direction and sense. The sum total of vectors may be considered to be the resultant vector of the electrical activity in the entire heart. The heart generates electrical energy and there has a close connection with the beating of the heart with breathing.

The heart is a strong and tough muscular compact located at the mid centre of the body and it may have a break down like all other machineries of the body. There may have many reasons for such break down for the mechanism of the heart. When any part of the heart machinery is impaired, the part of the affected does not receive the essential blood supply and become damaged. This type of damage may occur in heart itself or any other related part of the machinery such as brain, kidneys, lungs, liver, limbs, skin etc.

Electrical potential of the stomach varies when it goes full and becomes empty in healthy or sick condition. It has been observed that when blood sugar is low downed, electrical changes take place in the brain. The electrical activity which is functioning in the system of human being has some capacity to generate electricity within itself for its total requirement. It is just like as an electrical battery. It is capable of emanating electromagnetic waves at rate of approximately eighty million cycles per second. Human body is constantly discharging static emanations. Just think about a battery which needs chemical for its composition, i.e. chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. We take some food or drinks; by means of some mysterious bio-chemical activity in our body the chemicals from our food generate the electric current like a battery.

Human body & Magnetic Fields

Scientists and the specialists in medical science have already proved that the human body is a source of magnetic field. Different organs of the human body, such as heart, brain, nerves, muscles and tissues produces different value of magnetic fields and they differ in some of the diseases . Attempts have been made to measure the frequency of magnetic field of the different organs of the human body in different condition of physical state of body and mind.body mag  It has been observes that the magnetic fields, produced by all the organ of the body that consist or contain muscles and nerves, is of different fluctuating nature. It has found that the peak value of the fluctuating magnetic field produced by heart is greater than 106 Gauss. Some muscles when flexed produce quite high frequency magnetic fields whose peak value may be 107 Gauss. It has also been found that the strongest magnetic field from the nerve tissue is from brain which produces its largest fields of amplitude of 3 x 108 Gauss. In certain diseases (e.g. epilepsy) larger magnetic fields can be produced.
The presence of Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine ions that in the nerves and muscles generate in the process of contraction or signal transmission is the source of the magnetic field in human body. Measurement of the Magneto-cardiogram and Magneto-encephalogram for measuring the ion currents of the heart and brain respectively has led by the process of magnetic field measurement of body parts. The presence of magnetic materials in the body is another possible source of magnetic properties in the body. There are steady magnetic fields in the body besides the fluctuating fields produces by the different organs. We know the earth’s steady magnetic field is about 0.5 Gauss, so the steady fields from the body are to be measured in a steady background that is greater by five or more order of magnetic amplitude.
The advantages of measurement of magnetic fields of heart, brain, lungs and other organs may be calculate the condition of an organ and to know any approaching malfunction of that organ. For example the magneto-cardiogram may be used to investigate heart when it is injured by shortening of blood supply of the condition like, Ischemia, Angina or Infraction.

Magnets And Human Metabolism

We know that blood plays very important role in human body. Anything which affects the blood, either favorably or adversely is sure to have an effect on human health, either good or bad. Magnetism is a physical phenomenon as well as a phenomenon related to electricity. So it has some biological effect on human beings.

Human Metabolism

Human Metabolism

The clinical studies conducted by many medical institutions have established that the magnetic flux promotes health and provides energy by eliminating disorders in the various systems of the body by stimulation of blood circulation and building new cells to rejuvenate the tissues of the body. The magnetic flux affects magnetic substances like iron and oxygen with the result that the hemoglobin in the blood vessels moves actively to effect the activated circulation. The treatment with magnets increases the number of new blood corpuscles in the body. As magnetic power promotes better breathing action also, it results in prevention and cure of the diseases which are connected very much with circulatory system such as bronchitis, asthma, blood pressure etc.

Internal Secretion of hormones and its activity is remarkably improved by the joint effect of internal heat of the body and the external heat caused by the magnet. The hormone secretion glands get properly warm and their function becomes active by supply of excess oxygen. So, all diseases caused by the lack of hormone secretion are favorably affected and as well as improved by the Constant use of magnets. The magnetic flux penetrates the tissues and it works to regulate hormone secretion which provides energy to normalize the functions of the internal organs.
In the matter of reformation, resuscitation and promotion of the growth cells, the power of magnet observed is quite remarkable. The magnetic flux generates some comfortable warm feeling in the body which strengthens the function of cells and cures inflammation and spasms. When the magnetic flux passes through the tissue, a secondary current is created around the lines of force in the tissue cells which ionized the protoplasm and rejuvenates the tissues by activating and vitalizing the metabolism.

Magnet and the self curative Powers

Human body has the power of cure itself from most of its own diseases. An experienced physician and any excellent medicine can only help to promote the natural curative power of the body. The magnetic flux is also a natural healing power and it can also assist to invigorate the self healing property of the human body. Magnetic flux penetrates deeply into muscles, fatty tissues and bones to give intense relief to the nerves. It enables the human body to resist diseases and to accelerate recovery from illness. The therapeutic effect of magnets cures diseases by eliminating the constitutional weakness of the body. So it is better to say that the curative power of the magnet do not operate individually or independently but work together and an all-round healing is effected that of blood, nerves, hormones etc. The use of magnets helps to improve the heeling of a disease in a short period. There have many cases which have defied by other system of treatment, responded satisfactorily to the treatment by magnets. Various types of disorders like asthma, appendicitis, backache, spondylosis, chronic arthritis, eczema, headache, high blood pressure, injuries, orchitis, all kinds of pains, prostrate enlargements, rheumatism, insomnia, stiffness of joints, swelling of different parts of body, some female diseases, and tumours etc. have been cured through the magnetic therapy. Magnet has also good preventive effects and as well as improvement quality in the diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas etc.

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