What is Hypertension:

The word hypertension is usually known to the common people as high blood pressure. However there may have abnormally high blood pressure or abnormally low blood pressure of a patient. The condition of high blood pressure is known as hypertension and the condition of low blood pressure is called the hypotension. The high blood pressure or hypertension as the word suggests is due to excessive tension or constant mental strain as acquired by the top management executives, or being in the constant state of fear, sedentary living, over work, indigestion, sleeplessness, etc. high blood pressure may also be caused due to hardening of arteries or arterioles, due to deposit of cholesterols. The hardening causes diminished elasticity of the blood vessels. As a result this requires propelling of the blood into the arteries with greater force. Also in the old age the arteries lose their natural elasticity and thus lead to the high blood pressure. The low blood pressure is encountered in case of excessive loss of blood or weakness or depression.

Systemic hypertension is the persistent rise of basal blood pressure above the arbitrary level of 150/90mm. of Hg. recorded on three or more successive occasions. Hypertension may be systemic or pulmonary. There may be only systolic hypertension, where the systolic blood pressure becomes 160 mm. of Hg. or above.

Hypertensive changes of Heart

Hypertensive changes of Heart

Types of Hypertension: –

There are two types of hypertension depend on their causes: (1) Primary or essential hypertension and (2) secondary hypertension. In almost 90 to 95 percent adult male or female with high blood pressure, which has no identifiable hypertension causes, which develops over several years are known as Primary or essential hypertension . Otherwise in almost 5 to 10 percent individual with high blood pressure, there is an identifiable underlying condition causing hypertension develops suddenly called the Secondary hypertension. There are different health conditions that cause secondary hypertension such as kidney problem, adrenal gland tumours, congenital blood vessel defects, etc.
Now let us have some knowledge about the causes of primary hypertension.

causes of primary or essential hypertension:

1) Salt sensitiveness: – the individuals who have salt sensitivity are more likely to develop water retention, which causes high blood pressure. Majority of the people suffering from hypertension are oversensitive to salt.
2) Arterial abnormality – Some particular abnormality in the arteries may be observed in the majority of hypertensive individuals. The lack of elasticity or arterial stiffness and narrowing of artery are the abnormalities which in turn causes increasing of blood pressure. Narrowing of arteries may be due to aging or some other health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.
3) Increase of blood volume : – Due to increase of normal blood volume, the heart beating faster of forcefully that should be leads to high blood pressure.
4) Genetic disorder – About 25 to 30 percent of essential hypertension is due to hereditary, which mostly is affecting the adrenal gland secreting hormones.
5) Stressful or sedentary lifestyle: -Stressful life leads to increase the activity of sympathetic nervous system, causing a rise in norepinephrine release, which leads to increase in cardiac output, results the high blood pressure.
Now we should have some discussion about the causes of secondary hypertension:

Complication of Hypertension

Complication of Hypertension

1) Reno vascular disease: – In renal artery stenosis the kidney condition can increase rennin release. And it results the increases angiotensin II and aldosterone. Increase in rennin causes the blood volume increase due to improved re-absorption of sodium (Na) and water. The ultimate effect is an increase of blood pressure.

2) Chronic Kidney ailment: – the chronic renal disease is damage to the nephrons in the kidney may occur due to any number of pathologic processes. In this condition kidney stops to excrete sodium of normal quantity which leads to retention of sodium and water. Therefore increases the blood pressure due to increase of blood volume.
3) Hypokalemia: – It is a condition of low level of potassium in the blood than the normal level. This condition causes the sodium – potassium imbalance, which leads to sodium and water retention and the blood pressure get high.
4) Insomnia or sleep apnea: – Sleep disorder characterize by stop breathing for a while during sleep or sleeplessness may be results the hypertension but the actual mechanism of such increase of blood pressure is not yet known.
5) Adrenal adenoma: – The adrenal adenoma or hyperplasia increases in aldosterone circulation causes sodium and water retention and the blood pressure become high.
6) Pheochromocytoma: – Tumors in the adrenal is called the Pheochromocytoma, leads to high levels of epinephrine and nor- epinephrine hormones whish results the hypertension due to systemic vasoconstriction and cardiac stimulation.
7) Thyroid diseases: – Thyroid disorder which may be hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can cause high blood pressure. Increase of thyroxin levels causes an increase in blood volume, and raise in heart rate but the complete mechanism is yet to known.
8) Pregnancy: – In some women pregnancy causes the hypertension.

9) Drugs or hormone –replacement therapy: – Some drugs or hormone-therapy may cause high blood pressure in some individuals.

The normal blood pressure

in adult life is as follows: –
During construction of the heart, which is called Systolic pressure: – 110 – 135 mm. of Hg. And during relaxation of heart, that is called the Diastolic pressure: – 75 – 80 mm. of Hg.
The common symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure are headache, blurred vision, giddiness, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, pulsation in the temples, depression, restlessness, etc. But in many cases it gives no symptom at all. So every adult must check up their blood pressure at regular interval and never wait for the symptoms.

Homeo-magnet treatment of hypertension: –

Homoeopathically there have many symptomatic remedies to overcome the hypertension which should be used under proper medical supervision. Roulfia serpentine, Glonoin, Craetugus, Belladona, Arjuna, Carbo veg, Nux Vom, Nat mur, Kali phos and so many remedies are there to control the high blood pressure. With the perfectly selected homeopathy medicine use of magnet therapy may give excellent result. Because the blood pressure is one of the area that most amenable to treatment with magnets. The magnetic healing water forms a very important aid in dissolving the cholesterol and other deposits so that the arteries resume normal elasticity. In addition of magnetised water the magnets should be applied to palms of hands in the morning, followed by application of South Pole of the magnet at the root of big toe and second toe of the right foot. Wearing constantly of the magnetic band on the right wrist is highly useful for the hypertension. Experienced magneto therapist can suggest more other application which may useful for an individual. However the diet also plays an important role in the treatment of high blood pressure. Fats like ghee, butter, eggs, red meat and excess of sugar and common salt should be avoided.

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