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What is Leucorrhoea:

Any discharge which comes from the female genital passage except blood is termed as leucorrhoea. As it is generally white in colour and is more often referred to as the white discharge or simply whites. But the discharge may be white, milky, yellowish, reddish or even bluish. Many women and young girls suffer from the trouble of leucorrhoea. Sometimes it is neglected by the patient and as a result that discharge becomes purulent and produces ulceration in and about the os. This condition is usually accompanied by headache, paleness of face, constipation and flatulence, sometimes with lumber and back pain.

Leucorrhoea can be a very uncomfortable condition, which leads to symptoms such as foul smelling discharge of vagina, headaches, pain in the stomach or lower back and constitution and tiredness. These symptoms can lead to a lot of discomfort for the women and the girls. Common people sometimes think that the causes of leucorrhoea symptoms are due to lack of adequate hygienic measure. But always it is not true. Though, proper cleanliness and adequate hygienic living is very essential for a female suffering from leucorrhoea. There have several causes which leads to a female to suffering from leucorrhoea. Some of the most common causes are leucorrhoea in common include infections of genital organs, sexually transmitted diseases, toxin level increase in the body and for diet habits and so others.

Headache and weakness due to leucorrhea

Headache and weakness due to leucorrhea

Some of the causes of leucorrhoea our broken health, rheumatism, anaemia, occasional menorrhagia, excessive coitus, repeated abortions, uterine irritation, cancer or long time suffering of some chronic diseases. This condition may also be found in certain children and there may be inflammation and redness around the opening of the found passage of vagina as well as the discharges. The condition may be caused to lack of cleanliness or from thread- worm’s irritations. In case that discharge of leucorrhoea is due to poor health, emphasis should be laid on proper diet and fresh air, and attention should also be paid proper cleanliness like regular washing of the parts with warm water and soft soap.

Causes of Leucorrhoea :

Here we can note down the causes of leucorrhoea, which is a question of suffering women that why they are facing this problem.
i) Poor hygienic measures and lack of cleanliness.
ii) Injuries and trauma to the vagina, the cervix. Such type of injuries is very common during the pregnancy.
iii) Use of intrauterine contraceptive devices which leads to irritations.
iv) Infections from bacteria, parasites or fungi.
v) Urinary tract infections are also very common causes of leucorrhoea discharge.
vi) Contraceptives used by men or women may cause the irritation and leucorrhoea.
vii) The use of sprays, jellies or lubricant.
viii) Sexually transmitted diseases are a common cause of discharges.
ix) Taking low nutrition diets.
x) Hormonal imbalance.
xi) Stress and anxiety.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea:

We can note down the symptoms of leucorrhoea as is follow:
i) Whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina.
ii) Foul and foamy smelling discharges.
iii) Lethargy and weakness.
iv) Pain in the calves and lumber region.
v) Heaviness in the abdominal region.
vi) Constipation.
vii) Itching at the vaginal area.
viii) Frequent headaches.
ix) Problems of indigestion.
x) Irritability.
xi) Black patches on the skin especially under the eyes.
xii) Spotting on the undergarments.

Homeo-magnet treatment of leucorrhoea: –

Use of Magnet in Leucorrhoea

Use of Magnet in Leucorrhoea

Measure of cleanliness and proper hygiene should be taken. Woman should be practised to change their undergarments at least thrice a day from their girlhood. Genital area should be cleaned properly with mild soap and water, especially every time after urination. Diet should be balanced and adequate amount of water be taken. Homeopathy is the best choice of treatment of leucorrhoea. According to totality of symptoms and proper investigation of the patient proper homoeopathic remedy should be choice. We can name here some important homoeopathic remedyof leucorrhoea, such as Calc carb, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Kreasote, Borax, Alumina, Merc, Belladona, Arsenicum, Nat.mur, Abroma, Kali mur, Graphytis, Sulphur, Acid Phos, and so more. With addition of homeopathic medicine the use of magnet therapy is quite beneficial to obtain excellent result. The women or the girls suffering from this disease along with proper homeopathic medicine should apply wrong magnates to that soles of feet regularly in the morning followed in the evening by application of North Pole of the media magnate about 10 cm straight below the navel, which is the acupuncture point CV-4. Two small ceramic magnates may be applied over both side of the vulva, North pole on the right side and South pole on the left side as usual. Other local application of magnates may be quite useful as per symptoms of the individual. The homeo magnet therapy for leucorrhoea is an excellent treatment process to get a radical cure. Female should be cautious about the disease and should take early treatment for the benefit of their physical and mental health.

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