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The human body is made up of cells which form tissues and ultimately specialized organs like brain, heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, liver etc. These organs perform different functions allotted for them and in strictly accordance of the law of the nature. It has been proved by the scientist that every cell in the human body is unite of a small magnet and this magnetic property is imparted to the all organs of the body. All this organ produce magnetic field and the intensity of the field vary with the organ to organ and the activity of the organ. The magnetic fields are of fluctuating nature and fluctuate at different times. These magnetic fields are produced by different organs of the body by electric current due to sodium, potassium and chloride ions generated in the process of contraction or signal transmission of the body tissues. The organs like brain and heart produce very high magnetic fields, such as the peak magnetic field produced by brain, specially during sleep is to the magnitude of about 300000 kilo Gauss, while the heart produces the peak magnetic field to the magnitude of about 100 kilo-Gauss; Though the lowest magnetic field may be much less than these peak values at different times of day and night and according to types of assigned range and average magnetic values during their normal function in the human body. These fluctuating magnetic fields of different organs are greatly influenced by outside factor like earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic field of the sun, the moon, etc. Some co-relationship has been established by scientists between the sudden variations in the earth’s geomagnetic activity and the case of nervous upsets, heart attacks, etc. It has been established that the geomagnetic fluctuations are affect to the electrical and magnetic system of the human heart and brain.

Magnetic healing process

Magnetic healing process

The permanent magnets which are in general made by man have static and constant magnetic fields and are capable of bringing some extent of harmony and equilibrium in the magnetic potential of different organs of the body. So due to absence of any violent fluctuations, these do not have any disturbing action on the human organism but act as stabilizers.

Scientists has found that besides being a magnetic unit, each cell in human body has number of biological rhythms and is affected by all the rhythms of all other cells of the body. Such rhythms of different types of cells contribute to a bigger rhythm such as heart beat. It has also been established that almost all these biological rhythms follow a 24 hour cycle of the day. Many essential functions like blood pressure, brain activity, hormone levels, body temperature and most of other factors of the body obey this rhythm. Some eminent scientist headed by Dr. Halberg have studied many different types of animal tissues namely, Kidney, liver, gland, intestine, skin and other organs to show that all these have the 24 hour biological rhythm.

Besides the thinking about the cell or tissue level if we think about the perfect rhythm in which different planets, solar systems and galaxies move, it becomes apparent that the whole universe is troupe into a big biological clock. Though the type of elements in the nature of atmospheres varies from one planet to other and from one similar system to other one, the common force that binds the different heavenly bodies together is magnetism. Logically it may be said that various biological rhythms are closely associated with the universal magnetism without which the life would not be possible at all. Hence, we can say magnetism provides harmony and equilibrium in the functions of the organism and the disturbance in the state of the said harmony called disease.

Magnetic Healing Through Blood: –

All fluids like water are deeply influenced by the effect of magnet through various process. One of such effect is ionization, in which the complex molecules are broken down into smaller positively and negatively charged ions. On the other hand, there is a profound effect of magnetism on temperature, density, viscosity, electrical conductivity and surface tension of blood. The Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC) also contains about 4 % iron which is favorably influenced by magnets. With the help of magnets, the flow of blood in the arteries and veins is properly and smoothly regulated due to the change of above properties. The oxygenation and proper nutrition of different cells of the body also improves with the smooth regulation in the flow. As a result the function and harmonization of activity of different tissues is geared up properly. Some characteristics of blood like the white cell count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) which vary in different diseases and infections suggest that there is a positive reduction in the white cells count to a considerable level. Same as ESR is considerably reduced suggesting the control of infection in the body through the effect of magnets. This suggests that the magnetic field intensely affects the blood and brings about many changes in the body. The magnetized blood, the regulation of magnetic rhythm and the magnetic value of different cells is also confirmed ultimately leading to perfect magnetic harmony of the body. The effect of a magnet is found on the deposit of cholesterol, calcium, urea, uric acid, etc. in the blood vessels and different organs. When the magnetised blood flows through the blood vessels and different tissues it automatically dissolves the deposits of the above impurities and releases out through urine and as a result that it exerts a profound effect on diseases like blood pressure, gouty deposits, hardening of arteries, arthritis, etc. Similarly the stones formed in the kidney or ureters are dissolved slowly and let them out through urine and as a result cleaning the organism from unwanted salts.

Human Circulatory System

Human Circulatory System

The human body has been gifted with a self-regulating capability called homeostasis which regulates and coordinates various function of the body. As an example is the sodium and potassium of the body; sodium has an important function of maintaining the fluid balance in the body and its deficiency or abnormally high quantities in the body may disturb this equilibrium and lead to many diseases. This important is regulated in the body through a hormone called aldosterone which is a secretion of the adrenal glands. In case of taking sodium of high quantities, these glands slow down the secretion of these hormone leading to quicker excretion of the sodium from the body. And in case of intake of low quantities of sodium the above glands produce more hormone and there by leading to retention of sodium in the body. The foreign organisms like bacteria or virus or any foreign matter is overwhelmed by lymphocytes thereby avoiding indescribable herm to the body. The magnets are found to have favourable effect on this self-regulating ability in the body by busting up the immunological system as well as vital force in the body and as a result that the body is capable to fight the melancholic affections in the most natural process.

Almost all functions in the body are regulated by the hormones which are secreted by various glands like Pituitary (master gland), Thyroid, Thyroid, adrenal and pineal glands. These also help to regulate functions of the brain like memory, intelligence, behaviour, will, etc. Uncountable experiments carried out with magnets prove that these can regulate effectively the function of various glands and also positively affect the higher faculties of mind. This is mainly achieved by two processes, i.e. by direct effect of magnets on the secretion of hormones by glands and also by supply of proper nutrition and oxygen to all of the glands through the magnetized blood. The effects of magnets on these glands (pituitary) regulate many functions including growth and height of the young people. A small power magnet can act on the brain and invariably helps in better concentration, better memory and intelligence. In case of thyroid glands magnets help to better utilization of iodine and effect on thyroxin has been observed and as a result to lead for quicker mitigation of the disease like goiter. A remarkable effect of magnets has been found on healing of wounds. We know that the body heals the wounds by generating new cells in place of the damaged cells. The application of magnets the process of reconstruction and production of new cells is accelerated thereby leading to rapid healing of the wounds. In the same process, it has been found that the broken bones join up speedily under the proper application of magnets.
We have already discussed the effect of magnets on various glands and their secretion. Similar useful effects of magnets have been found on the central layer of the skin known as dermis which accommodates the roots of the hair, oil glands, sweat glands and keeps the skin oily and soft. The skin also secretes the pigment which gives the normal color to the skin. The deficiency of the production of pigment leads to a number of unwanted patches named leucoderma. It has been observed that the magnets favorably affect the function of the skin and the malfunction is being corrected; so, the skin get back its normal tone and color. Thus the magnets not only stimulates the function of different glands, but also normalizes various secretions of the body and gives effectively positive results. Some assured action of the magnet found on the muscles also, is that of relaxation thus mitigating the exhaustion and making the organism capable of withstanding more physical work and strenuous exercise.
Magnets also have a beneficial effect on mitigation of pain, swelling, stiffness, etc. in different parts of the body. Because, magnets have a soothing effect on the tissues and nerves due to the improved circulation which in turn leads to rise in the temperature of the skin and tissue in the similar way as a high-density current heats the tissue or a strong current heats the resistance wire of an infra ray generator. So it is clear that magnetic application to any part of the body results in simultaneous actions, i.e. improved circulation, generation of heat and relaxation of muscles. In case of pain due to infection like that found in dental caries or pyorrhea the North Pole magnet prevents the action of pus-forming bacteria and mitigating pain and swelling. The improved circulation in such cases helps in better oxygenation of the tissues and leads to quick recovery.

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