Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a biological process and it is very much required to maintain a normal health of body and mind for every person. Not only the mankind but also every organism needs to sleep. However in case of man, normally it varies widely from person to person. But the discussion about sleep disorders is very common to us; though all the problems of sleep disorders are not same in its characteristics.

Hypersomnia and Insomnia: –

Excessive sleep is called hypersomnia and lace or no sleep is called insomnia. The causes of these two extreme aspects of sleep vary widely. However, a chronic and recurrent form of hypersomnia is seen in Narcolepsy. This is in general seen in the boys and girls of teen ages where there is irresistible or uncontrollable sleep. This type of sleep may be associated with (1) sleep attacks associated with rapid eye movement (REM), (2) cataplexy or sudden development of muscular hypo tonicity developing after sudden emotion or surprise, (3) sleep paralysis when the individual though conscious and realising all about him cannot move his limbs or speak and (4) Hypnagogic hallucination which is a dreamlike experience midway between wakefulness and sleep.

Patient of hypersomnia

Patient of hypersomnia

Sometimes hypersomnia may be associated with polyphagia and is periodic in nature occurring in teenagers or young boys. This is called Klein-Levin syndrome. This type of sleep disorders rapidly improves during adult stage.
There are also various other types of disorders. Some of these are nocturnal enuresis, night mares, night terror, talking sleep and sleep walking. All these types of disorders are usually seen in childhood to adult life. With the advances of age these problems usually disappears gradually.

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy inherited as an auto-somal governing trait. It is a neurological disorder characterised by the brains inability to control the sleep and wake fullness cycles. This is a type of sleep disorders where the people suffer chronic daytime sleepiness and fall asleep unexpectedly at any moment of daytime. People suffering with narcolepsy, rapid eye movement sleep begins almost immediately in their sleep cycles and fragments of rapid eye movement occur during waking hours involuntary.

There are also other primary sleep disorders, let us have a short discussion about them follow: –
i) Sleep apnoea: this is the condition where breathing ceases for about 10 seconds to 2 minutes or more. During apnoea becomes lighter or the patient takes a deep breath and as a result the patient awakes. Daytime sleepiness and excessive snoring during sleep are also present. In this type of the sleep disorders usually they are may have a upper respiratory defect or a central defect causing absence of diaphragmatic movement.

Patient of insomnia

Patient of insomnia

ii) Nocturnal myoclonus: in this case there may be jerking of legs one or both sides after every 20 seconds. There is fatigue in the morning and day time drowsiness.

iii) Restless leg syndrome: this is a type of sleep disorders where there is a peculiar feeling in the legs during lying down or sleep so that relief is obtained after getting up and walking or sometimes. This condition causes the insomnia.

Homeomagnet treatment of sleep disorders:

Proper homeopathic treatment can give excellent solution of sleep disorders without any side effects. With this magnetic therapy can boost up the treatment process. Only magnetic therapy can also solve the problem perfectly. Small crescent type magnet of South Pole should be used on fore head before sleep for the patient of insomnia. Moreover, some general application of magnets is useful according to symptoms. Let us have some therapeutic hints for homeopathic treatment of sleep disorders:

i) Patient cannot sleep in the early hours of night, utterly wide awake, mind is active, sleeplessness due to excitements: Coffea is the medicine.
ii) Sleeplessness due to mtntal strain or sedentary habits; sleep dreamy and restless: use Nux vomica.
iii) Sleep disorder due to panic; restlessness and tossing in bed: Aconite nap is useful.
iv) Sleeplessness due to sudden shock; disappointment: Ignetia is the remedy.
v) Sleepy yet unable to sleep, kicks clothes off, quite restless: Arsenic works good.

There have many more remedy in homeopathy to overcome sleep disorders such as, Belladonna, Kali phos, Passiflora inc, Roulfia sarp, Pulsatilla, Opium, Arnica mont, etc. but should be used according to the symptoms and proper case taking. South Pole magnetised water also has its greet effects.