What is stomatitis?

Stomatitis is the inflammation of the buccal mucus membrane. Commonly it is known as mouth ulcer.

Different types of stomatitis: –

i) Catarrhal stomach: – it is due to local irritation from excessive smoking, drinking, gum infection, spicy diet or teeth eruption. It may also develop in malnourished babies and children. The mucous membrane becomes red, congested; tongue becomes dry, swollen, congested and covered with a thick coating. There may have fouled breathing.
General treatments are the removal of cause, use of alkaline mouth wash.
ii) Infective stomatitis: – this is due to actual infection of the buccal mucus membrane. This is again of various types, such as:



a) Bacterial: it is due to some organism causing diphtheria, Scarlet fever or Syphilis. Ulcers are saying wheat irregular ragged marching anywhere in sight the mouth cavity. In this case oral hygiene to be maintained carefully. Proper sterilisation of the contaminated utensils to be done.
b) Viral: it is seen in case of herpes simplex, herpes zoster, measles or smallpox.
c) Fungal: this type of stomatitis is caused by candida albicans. It is seen in extremely debilitated condition or opt prolonged use of steroids, antibiotics, or cytotoxic drugs. The mouth is dry and microscopically clusters of spores and there may be seen a filaments. In this case improvement top general nutrition and maintenance of oral hygiene is necessary.
iii) Allergic stomatitis: – it is seen in case of angioneurotic oedema, local allergy from antibiotics or some vegetable foods. It is also seen in case of Stevens-Johnson’s syndrome.
iv) Stomatitis due to malnutrition: – it is occur in case of malabsorption syndrome, lack of vitamins particularly of the B complex vitamins. Of these, Riboflavin, Nicotinic acid, folic acid and B12 are the main vitamins. It is also seen in are iron deficiency anaemia. In this case appropriate vitamin should be taken.

v) Stomatitis due to heavy metals and drugs: – some metals like arsenic, bismuth, gold, lead and mercury may give rise to the stomatitis.
vi) Stomatitis in blood diseases: – in cases of aplastic anaemia, agranulocytosis and leukaenias this type of stomatitis may develop.
vii) Aphthous stomatitis: – in various gastrointestinal disorders in children and adults it is seen. The exact cause is yet to be finding out. Small ulcers are formed which become painful. These may appear one after another. There may be present one or more ulcers. Those are usually surrounded by a June of erythema and covered by a pseudomembrane. In this case maintenance of local hygiene is quite essential.
viii) Stomatitis due to skin disease: – due to skin disease like Itchen planus, pemphigus and erythema multiforme may causes this type of stomatitis.
ix) Gangrenous stomatitis: – it occurs in children of about 2 to 5 years of age but girls are dominating. It is usually seen after convalescence from measles, typhoid, chronic kala-azar. A sloughing ulcer develops which may puncture the cheek. Patient becomes toxic with high temperature and tachycardia may develop.

Homoeopathic and magnetic therapy treatment of stomatitis: –
Check up of mouth ulcer

Check up of mouth ulcer

After taking total symptoms and properly checking of the patient a proper homoeopathic remedy may be suggested for an excellent and quick result to cure. Though specific medication in homoeopathy is not possible and it varies patient to patient due to the variation of symptoms we hear by giving some therapeutic hints only:
i) If the ulcer is small and aphthous type; bleed if touched; mouth is hot and tender: Borax is useful.
ii) Apthae with rush of blood towards head: Belladonna may be given.
iii) Stomatitis with small blister or extremely sensitive ulcers; feels better holding cold fluids in the mouth: Netrun sulph may be applied.

iv) If there has excessive salivation; spongy gums which bleed easily; sweetish metallic taste in the mouth; thirst with moist mouth: Merc-sol is the medicine.
v) Ulcers are accompanied by sharp splinter like pains; acrid and offensive salivation: Nitric acid is the remedy.
But those are not all. Many more medicine may be useful according to symptom. With administration of homeopathic medicine magnetic therapy should be done. High power magnets should be applied under palms of both hands twice a day. North Pole of small magnet may be applied over the affected cheek. Magnetised water of both poles is very much useful in all type of stomatitis. It should be taken four times a day.

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