Uric Acid Problem

About Uric Acid:

Excess of uric acid in blood, causes the uric acid problem. The uric acid passes through the liver and enters into the bloodstream. Uric acid is a naturally occurring waste product in the body. Most of the uric acid is removed from our body with the urine or passes through the intestines to regulate its normal level. Now the question what is the normal level of uric acid and when it will creates problem. For the female the abnormal uric acid levels are 2.4 to 6.0 mg/dl, and for the male the normal level is 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dl. The normal level value may be varying due to the reagent used by the different laboratories. And the excess of Uric acid level in blood brings the uric acid problem in human body.
In human body uric acid comes from purines. Purines are the nitrogen containing compounds, which are made inside the cells of the body, or come from outside of the body. So two types of purines there were lapses in our body, those are, (1) Endogenous Purines and (2) Exogenous purines.

Endogenous Purines:

i) The nucleoproteins and divided from tissue breakdown.
ii) Several mononucleotides present in the body, such as Adenosine triphosphate found in the muscles, Inosinic acid found in the muscle and Guanylic acid found in the glands.

Exogenous purines: –

i) Nucleoproteins of food,
ii) Hypoxanthine and xanthine present in the meat extracts, meat soup, etc.
iii) Methylpurine, such as theophylline, theobromine, caffeine, etc present in tea, coffee and cocoa.
Purine breaks down into uric acid and increased level of uric acid from excess purines may accumulate in the body tissues, and form crystals and creates the uric acid problems in our body. This is due to high uric acid levels in the blood. Uric acid formation may occur when the blood uric acid level rises above 7 mg/dl may create problem such as kidney stone, and gout. In medical terms the high uric acid level in the blood called hyperuricemia.
There are two types of causes of high uric acid problem: –

a) Primary hyperuricaemia :

I) increased production of uric acid uric from purine.
II) Due to kidneys cannot get rid of the uric acid from the blood resulting in higher levels of uric acid.

b) Secondary hyperuricaemia:

Uric Acid in bone joint

Uric Acid in bone joint

i) certain types of cancers or chemotherapy agents may cause an increase in turnover rate of cell death. Usually it occur due to chemotherapy, but it can also occur before chemotherapy is started.
ii) There is often a rapid amount of cellular destruction of after chemotherapy.
iii) Kidney disease may be a cause of not be able to clear the uric acid out of the human body system which causes hyperuricaemia.
iiii) Uric acid in the blood VP increased due to medication also.
v) Satin form of diabetes or acidosis, which are endocrine or metabolic disorder may be a cause of uric acid problem.
vi) Elevated uric acid levels may produce kidney problems, or none at all.

Now late us study about some symptoms which is commonly known as uric acid problem:

symptoms of hyperuricaemia

i) There may not have any symptoms.
ii) If the blood uric acid levels are significantly elevated, and if a person is undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia or lymphoma he or she may have symptoms of kidney problems, or gouty arthritis due to high uric acid levels in the blood.
iii) One may have fever, chills, fatigue it the person have high uric acid problem.
iiii) An inflammation of the joint which is called gout may occur if the uric acid crystals the pussy in one of the joints.
v) One may have kidney problems caused by kidney stone formation or have problems of urination.
vi) Some medicines may be the cause of uric acid problem.
Keep anybody have an elevated blood uric acid level and they are may have a risk of gout, he wished to do Purine diet should be taken. Now we may have some idea about the high Purine and the low Purine diet.

High Purine food:

i) All organ meats such as liver, meat extracts and gravy.
ii) Yeasts and yeast extracts such as beer and alcoholic beverages.
iii) Asparagus, spinach, beans, peas, lentils, cauliflower, mushrooms and oatmeal.
iiii) Coffee.

Low Purine food:

i) Refined cereals –breads, pasta, flour, tapioca, cakes.
ii) Milk and milk products.
iii) Lettuce, tomatoes, green vegetables.
iiii) Cream soups without meat stock.
v) Water, fruit juice.
vi) Peanut butter, fruits and nuts.
vii) Sufficient water intake at least 3 litters per day.

If one have high uric acid problem there could be many reason for that. some of the most common factors include drinking too much alcohol, taking diuretic medications or immune-suppressing drugs, or an overload of niacin or vitamin B3. Specially an obese person suffering from an under active thyroid or renal insufficiency or have psoriasis, may also face high uric acid problem. When one have high uric acid level, may suffer from the following problems :

Some Uric Acid Diseases:

a) Gout: – Gout is caused by uric acid accumulation in blood, which can lead to the

Gout due to Uric Acid

Gout due to Uric Acid

formation of small sharp crystals. These sharp crystals of uric acid can lead to pain in joints and surrounding tissues, including the feet, ankles, knees and hands. There may have sharp and intense pain.
b) Kidney Stones: – When the uric acid level become high, it can lead to small stone like deposits in the kidneys. These are then passed down to the bladder, where they cause intense pain that comes and goes. This pain may not be relive until the kidney stones pass through the urethra.
c) Renal(kidney) Failure: – When the kidneys no longer function as well when it comes time to eliminate wastes is called the kidney failure. The result of which may bring several pain and annoying symptoms, including the uric acid buildup in the blood and causes the high uric acid problem.
d) Uric acid Crystals: – The symptoms of uric acid sometimes be found throughout the body, depending upon where uric acid crystals lodge. Generally this happen in the joints and especially in the feet, it can be almost anywhere, that can lead to localized pain in that area. So, significant pain in one area of the body also may be a uric acid problem, may be diagnosed after proper examination.

Homeomagnet treatment of uric acid problem: –

Patient suffering from Kidney trouble

Patient suffering from Kidney trouble

With a view to avoid occurrence of gout as well as other uric acid problem, it is necessary to take simple balanced diet and to avoid the use of alcohol and salt in any form. The patient cat take butter, milk, green vegetables and fruit. The food like cheese, eggs and pulses should be avoided.
Homoeopathically there have so many remedies of uric acid problems which should be selected on the basis of the totality of the symptoms of an individual. Some important remedies are namely, acid benzoate, acid nitric, puls, carbo veg, sulphur, urtica urens, nat mur, argent nit, rhus tox, desmodium, Alfalfa and so on. With the use of proper homeopathic medicine the magnet-therapy will boost up the process of cure and an excellent result may be obtain. The strong magnets should be applied to the region of the big toes in the morning, followed in the evening by application of magnets on the acupuncture point GB-34, i.e. outer side of knee, -North pole on the right side and the south pole on the left side. If there is some obstruction of urine south pole of medium magnets should be applied in the lower abdomen about one inch above the root of the penis in male and both side of vulva one side after other for female patient. Other general application like therapeutic application no 1 or 2 (see, Process of Magnet-therapy ) may be required. The healing magnetized water of both pole mixed should be taken three times a day.

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