The system of treatment named Homeopathy evolved by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a well-known German physician. It was found by Mr Hahnemann that some of the remedies (curative materials) when given in a large doses may aggravate the symptoms,Homeopathic Medicine and minimization of the doses called back no aggravation, but amelioration of the symptom occurred. So he tried with minimization of doses and go for some experiments.

homeopathy natural cure The laws of similarity which is the basic principle of Homeopathy  i.e. which materials taken by a physically and mentally fit person in a large dose, and the parson developed some symptoms in his/her body and mind, on the contrary if a diseased person comes with the same symptoms and medicated with the very lower dose of above material causes the amelioration of the symptom and thus the person cure.

To lower up the doses Dr Hahnemann begun to triturate the solid and insoluble materials with milk sugar. The 1st trituration is called by 1X is the proportion of medication material and sugar of milk in the ratio 1:9. The second trituration 2x will be in the ratio of 1st trituration (1X) and milk of sugar will be again 1:9. And so no 3X, 4X … 30x,…. 200X etc. On the other hand the soluble medication materials may diluted by water or alcohol in the ratio 1:9 is called the 1X potency medicine and so on. And in the same way if the proportion is 1:99 is called the potency of the medicine is 1. On the same way the next potency 2 will be on the ratio of 1st potency 1 and alcohol or water will be 1:99. And so on 3, 6, 30, 200, 1000, 100000 ….. .

Alcohol is preferred due to its preservative activity. No any other chemical uses for preservation of medicine in Homeopathy. Now, it may be a question that how such a low dose works. It can be proved by the Avogadro law and other mathematical process that maximum number of molecule of medicine in a 30 potency of Homeo
pathic medicine may be one only.

So, how it may works on human body and as well as other animal’s body. Modern science has been failed to explain it. Some body use to say that Homeopathy treatment is not a scientific one. But it should be taken in mind that which science has been failed to explain still today, that science will never could be explain it latter, is a completely wrong thinking. The memory effect of any molecule or a material should be taken in consideration to explain the effect of Homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from plants (roots, bark, buds, leaves, stem, gums, juice, oils, etc or the whole plant), Live substances (secretions of healthy organisms, poisons, parts etc.), body impurities, chemicals, synthetics, minerals, metals etc. These medicines are available as mother tinctures, triturations or potencies.

The following media are used to prepare or to administer it as a Homeopathy medicine. These media actually have not any medicinal quality. These can be obtained in dry or in liquid form. Here are the media :

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

1) Sugar of milk [to prepare the trituration or to add medicine to it.
2) Cane sugar of pharmaceutical grade [for preparing globules or tablets]
3) Distilled water [to prepare and to administer medicines]
4) Alcohol [to prepare mother tincture or potencies]
5) Vaseline [to prepare ointments]
6) Glycerine [to preserve or to administer the medicines]
7) Syrup simplex [to prepare syrups]

Mother tinctures are generally prepared from plants which are soluble in alcohol. The alcohol percentage can be up to 90. Mother tincture is written as Q or Ө. Trituration are prepared from that substances which are not soluble in alcohol are ground with sugar of milk The Homeopathy Mother tinctures and triturations contain the medicine in crude form. These are added to alcohol and are given successive strokes in a special way or are ground with sugar of milk with a pestle to potentise them. For potentisation the mother tincture and alcohol , sugar of milk or distilled water can be in the ratio of 1 to 9 or 1 to 99 as stated earlier. Medicines prepared from 1:9 are given the potentise name in ‘X’ and is called Decimal scale, e.g. Arsenic3X. If the medicine is prepared as 1:99 which is called centesimal scale is written by the numerical number, e.g. Bryonia 6 or Nux Vom 30.


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